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Heritage Academy is dedicated to providing progressive differentiated instruction for students who are pursuing an extra-curricular passion and to fostering within students a responsibility and a motivation for learning, a moral respect for personal dignity, and a commitment to accountable global citizenship. Heritage Academy is the top choice for serious scholar-athletes who need flexible course scheduling, individualized programming, freedom to attend competitions, and to work alongside a faculty whose charge it is to challenge them academically and support their passion.


Generosity is Rewarding

  Congratulations to Jasmine Chee, Vivi Horup, Mr. Fisher, Jose Chavez, Jim Ji, and Owen Van Marter (not pictured) for receiving the Students and Teacher of the Month awards for “Generosity.” They have each volunteered their time, shown special generosity of spirit, or freely given to others to earn this honor. We thank them for […]

Mummies Invade Heritage

  5th/6th grade World Civilizations students learn about the process of Egyptian embalming by making apple mummies. Beware, the mummies will be exhumed March 21st!!! (Pictured are Owen, Luke, Calvin, and Brooke)

Tolerance is Rewarding for Students of the Month

Georgi, Michael, Sam, Prince, Kevin, and Mrs. Wynne proudly display their awards for Tolerance! Congrats to the winners! We thank them for setting a fine example for all of us at Heritage Academy!

“Attending Heritage Academy was, without a doubt, the most amazing experience of my life. I was able to pursue my passion while taking advanced and AP courses in a personal friendly environment. My teachers gave me the confidence I needed to believe in myself and to succeed; it was because of them that I was able to make an early commitment to a competitive college.” – Elkie Van den Beemt, Class of 2011 and St. Lawrence University Tennis Standout


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United States History Debate on Columbus

  Students in Mr. Ted Zawacki’s United States History class have concluded their debate on whether Christopher Columbus was a terrorist or a hero and whether we should celebrate “Indigenous Day” instead.  Class members debating were: Dan Byrne, Chloe Corbitt, Jason Hijazi, Brian Kim, Luis Martinez Graces, Ryan Pongrac, Pongkhun Prommart, Victor Sanchez Gallegos and Linda Trockel. […]

April Students and Teacher of the Month Honored for Effort

  Last Thursday marked  our final Students and Teacher of the Month Assembly for the school year! Each person honored has shown consistent effort at school throughout this year. Congratulations to the April winners! Keep up the excellent work! Top Left: Aniruddh Kedlaya-AM Senior Top Right: Ammy Uenghiranpaisan-PM Senior Middle Left: Annika Dogger-Middle School Middle […]

Pre-Alg and Algebra Classes

I love the way our classes learn.  They all work so well together and challenge each other to do even better.  We are learning and also having fun doing it with making our own jeopardy games, playing some of them and also working on projects and basic skills.

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