About Us

Rooted in academic excellence and dedicated to students’ pursuit of passions, Heritage Academy located on Hilton Head Island, SC is an academic institution where champions are made. The goal is to personalize educational programming for every student to ensure success as student-athletes and student-artists. Students pursue their passion – whether it is golf, tennis, swimming, soccer, fishing, design, gymnastics, rowing, aviation, performing arts, or any other specific individual program plan – with the same drive they pursue their education. Not everyone can attend Heritage Academy; only those who have courage, are willing to go the extra mile, and have the ambition to succeed need apply.  Students who demonstrate a passion for their field and the aptitude required to join Heritage Academy will find themselves learning alongside students from around the world. They are guided every step of the way by an experienced staff who nurtures the students’ talents and challenges them to strive further in pursuit of their dreams.  Teachers and staff members are constantly working to have a positive impact on every student’s life – ensuring success.  From this experience, students will gain a global perspective in a focused environment built to prepare them to be champions in the arena of life.  Take some time to explore our website and learn more about us.

Heritage Academy has long been a beacon for academic excellence, and the world is taking notice. The school recently completed its re-accreditation review with COGNIA/SACS, which rated Heritage Academy in the top third among 36,000 schools in 71 countries. It is a testament to the foundation upon which Heritage Academy was built – academic distinction coupled with support for students’ desires to develop their passions. What they accomplish here at Heritage Academy will hone their passion and provide them the tools needed to pursue their goals. And the academic standards to which they will be accountable will prepare them for top-tier colleges and universities around the world.

Student enter these halls led by their passion. They graduate as champions. That is the Heritage Academy difference.