The Virtual Campus@Heritage Academy

 – a exciting new approach to learning

Beyond Online Learning

Be Part of Heritage Academy

For many years Heritage Academy has been providing top quality, flexible education for students with a sporting/arts talent. International and US based students follow our programs with the aim of receiving a high school diploma and a US college placement. Now we are using this experience to provide a service for sports/arts academies in the US and internationally by introducing the Virtual Campus @ Heritage Academy.

Our Virtual Campus is more than an on line program, it’s a wrap around educational service including real time classes, college support and a school that appreciates the need for flexible learning when students have a sporting or arts passion.

Innovation – More than Online

Students from around the US and the world are able to join our students at Heritage and take part in real-time classes. The students are as much part of the class as the students sitting in the classroom at Heritage. They are able to ask questions, make friends, work with their peers and build a relationship with their teachers.

Educational research shows that collaborative learning is both more academically effective and socially beneficial. So, at Heritage Academy, we are committed to providing an education beyond on-line learning, focusing on group learning and immediate support from teachers and peers – just like being in a real class! No more delays in learning while a student waits for a response from his/her on line tutor and no more learning in isolation.

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