Developmental Reading and Writing

At Heritage, we want your child to succeed in every way, especially in their reading and writing skills

Within the mainstream program, Heritage Academy provides continuing developmental and/or remedial reading and writing for all students who require it in grades 7-12. The goal of the program is to assist all students in progressing in their reading and writing proficiency, enabling them to function with fluency and accuracy in our block classes, as laid out in our master schedule of college preparatory courses.

Screening and Assessment

Our Admissions Director screens academic documents and conducts an interview.  She sees that a standardized reading and writing assessment is administered to every new student showing below grade level scores in reading and writing. Placement in courses is based on the results of previous school records and this initial reading and writing assessment.

Curriculum and Instruction

The developmental reading and writing curriculum provides integrated reading and writing instruction as well as for speaking and listening. Students are placed in the appropriate reading class based on their initial assessment as well as the book series placement tool. Supplemental materials are provided to expand instruction in reading comprehension and writing. Student progress at their own rate to more advanced courses.

Students use the High Point, Edge and Interchange series. Students enrolling in Development Reading and Writing I and II at the start of the semester earn 0.5 credit each semester. Supplemental materials are used to expand instruction in reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking.

Ongoing Monitoring and Assessment

Progress and Quarter Grades: Teachers formally assess student progress for mastery and growth and relate this assessment on four quarter progress reports and four quarter final grade reports. End-of-level course assessments are used to assist teachers in gauging growth and skill proficiency.

Tuition Surcharge

A surcharge of $950/semester is assessed to pay for extra support staff and array of instructional materials provided for students needing remedial help and teacher support in progressing to peer or grade level reading and writing proficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Developmental Reading and Writing classes?

Students who enroll in the schools developmental reading and writing classes their reading or writing skills are student who are two or more years below that of their grade level peers in reading and writing. Age-appropriate skill levels in comprehension and writing are essential to be successful in our college preparatory courses.

How long will it take a Developmental Reading and Writing student to graduate?

Students who earn 25 credits, maintain the stated minimum grade point average, and meet the Academy’s four-year diploma requirements will be issued a diploma. Some developmental reading and writing students with low language skills at grades 9-11 require more than four years to earn a high school diploma.