Discipline Policy

To ensure that Heritage Academy provides a safe and healthy environment for all students, each faculty member, enrolled student and his/her parents must agree to the following standards of conduct.

Student Standards of Conduct

  • I will sign and keep my commitment to the Heritage Academy Honor Code in all choices I make on campus and off.
  • I will preserve a safe and healthy environment by following all expectations, procedures and polices outlined in the Student Handbook.
  • I will honor the time commitment I have made to attend class. I will not miss class unless I am sick or have an excused absence.
  • I will respect all persons, including staff, my peers, campus visitors, and all property.
  • I will dress and act appropriately at all times.
  • I will always work to the best of my abilities in the classroom to achieve excellence.
  • I will meet the expectations for passion area training.
  • I understand that any omission or misleading or false information on my application can be grounds for dismissal

Faculty and Staff Assurances to Support Student Conduct

  • We will sign and keep our commitment to the Heritage Academy Honor Code in all of our actions.
  • We will enforce all expectations, procedures and policies stipulated in the Student Handbook to ensure that each student is treated fairly and with consistency.
  • We will support and model all of the expected standards for student conduct.
  • We will create classroom environments where students are safe and respect one another so learning is always possible.
  • We support our students in their passions and will meet before or after school for make-up assignments, assistance or assessments missed due to passion related or other excused absences.
  • We will work with each student as an individual and strive to meet their learning need.


Students who choose to violate the standards of conduct will be sent to the Head of School with a Discipline Referral Form. The Head of School will have a conversation to help the student identify ways to avoid inappropriate choices and how to make better choices in the future. Generally, one demerit will be issued for minor infractions (dress code violations, tardies, minor classroom misbehavior). Should these behaviors become a pattern, or if more serious misbehavior has occurred (violation of school policies and procedures, disrespectful behavior to a student or staff member, physical violence, academic dishonesty, stealing, etc.), multiple demerits, or other appropriate consequences including, but not limited to, school or community service, loss of privilege, or suspension will be awarded at the discretion of the Head of School. Parents will be contacted each time a student earns a consequence for misbehavior.

A student who accumulates 10 (ten) demerits in any one semester may be dismissed from school. Immediate dismissal may result for any gross violation of the standards of conduct. Tuition will not be refunded. At the end of the semester, all demerits are cleared and all students begin the following semester with zero demerits.

Heritage Academy will support passion area partners should a serious disciplinary infraction result in a student’s suspension from passion area practice or competition. In that case, the student may not attend classes and will receive zero credit for all missed assignments and tests.