Fast Track

If school is your passion
 and you would like to start college a year early, 
then the Heritage Academy Fast Track Academics
 program is for you!


The Heritage Academy for Fast Track Academics program provides students who are not enrolled in another athletic or artist training program the opportunity to focus on their high school program as their passion, thereby completing graduation requirements in three years.


  • Students enrolled in the Heritage Academy for Fast Track Academics program will complete 25 credit hours to meet Heritage Academy graduation requirements.
  • Students will be enrolled in four classes per semester for three years and must maintain a 2.5 GPA to continue in the program. One credit for physical education to be earned through personalized summer activities.
  • Students could continue for a fourth year and enroll in additional honors/AP courses not yet completed if they so choose, or they would qualify to enter college upon completion of the 25 credit requirement.


  • Tuition/fees per year = $17,600 (eight classes per year)
  • Three year program = $17,600 x 3 = $52,800
  • Guaranteed no tuition increase for continuing students.


  • Cost of 4-year program @ $16,000 (six classes per year) x 4 – $64,000 [plus annual tuition increases]
  • Cost of 3-year program @ $17,600 (eight classes per year) x 3 = $52,800
  • Total savings = $11,200 + no tuition increase

More Information

Please contact our Director of Admissions Tina Sprouse
Office phone: 843-842-8600 Extension 1
Email address: