Homework Policy

Homework website: https://www.edline.net/InterstitialLogin.page

At Heritage Academy, we believe that homework is an integral part of a student’s total educational development. Learning is enhanced and lessons are more completely understood with the application of additional practice, investigation, and problem solving.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Post homework weekly on the www.edline.net website by 7:30 a.m. the first day of the week
  • Provide ways for homework to stimulate positive analytical and creative thinking
  • Show ways for more in-depth coverage of content than classroom time permits
  • Instill in students a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, and self-improvement
  • Offer varied ways for students to reinforce basic skills through practice
  • Assign work to promote the development of independent study skills
  • Communicate homework assignments to students clearly in writing and orally
  • Coordinate and communicate assignments and projects with each student throughout the course in a constructive, instructive, but never punitive manner, especially if the student must miss class due to travel or performances
  • Assign approximately 45 minutes of homework every night per course
  • Be mindful of and sympathetic to foreign students with limited ability to read and write English. Alternative, differentiated, or tiered assignments must be offered.
  • Monitor and review all assigned homework
  • Meet outside of class time with students as needed for academic assistance
  • Establish and share with your students your homework standards and expectation

Student Responsibilities

  • Understand and write down the assignment
  • Ask questions about the assignment if it is not clearly understood
  • Do assignments carefully, neatly, thoroughly and accurately
  • Submit assignments on time
  • Complete assignments and tests within one week missed due to absence from class
  • Establish good home study habits
  • Set aside time for an average of thirty minutes homework each night for each class
  • Understand that homework completed on a regular basis will enhance learning and will improve grades

Teacher Responsibilities Prior To & During Pre-Planned Absences

  • Actively seek and post dates when students will be missing for tournament play or performances
  • Create appropriate distance learning packets or communicate via Prometheum Board technology lessons and assignments for students who must miss
  • Communicate with students who are away through email or Edline
  • Follow up with students who have missed to assess understanding, skill mastery, and if “catch up” teaching or work needs to be scheduled

Student Responsibilities Prior To & During Pre-Planned Absences

  • Notify each teacher with the dates of your absences well in advance
  • Make arrangements with your teacher for a distance learning packet
  • E-mail your teacher with any questions while you are away, if you can
  • Complete assignments and exams in a timely fashion to keep abreast of the coursework