Honor Code

The Honor Code was approved by the student body, teaching staff, and major passion-area partners to represent our collective expectations of ourselves and one another. All students and staff participate in an annual Honor Code Signing Ceremony. Students are held accountable to the Honor Code in all classes, through the school disciplinary process, and in earning opportunities for school leadership and service. Students who earn a 3rd referral (or equivalent) will be asked to step down from any school or community leadership or service role for the remainder of the semester.

The selection of the “Student of the Month” will be made on the basis of the Honor Code values: Humility-September, Ethics-October, Respect-November, Integrity-December, Tolerance-January, Accountability-February, Generosity-March and Effort-April. Students who earn the honor of being named middle or high school student of the month may not have any honor code violations or earned demerits.

The school will host a “Recognition Ceremony” each semester to acknowledge all students who have zero demerits and no Honor Code violations for the semester. All students are encouraged to strive for this prestigious recognition.

Values that define the Heritage Academy Honor Code:

H umility

E   thics

R   espect

 I    ntegrity

T   olerance


G  enerosity

E  ffort

At Heritage Academy, I will become the best that I am capable of becoming in school and in my passion area, but most of all, as an individual. I understand that many actions, including, but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, destructive criticism, and vandalism cause harm to others and harm to myself. At all times, I am bound by my honor to help people, including myself, while attending this school and as I continue on in life. I pledge to act honorably and responsibly toward others and myself while practicing honesty, respect, patience, and persistence. It is my goal to rise above the temptation to do less than my best in any situation and accept responsibility for my actions. My signature represents my commitment to uphold honor at Heritage Academy.

Download a copy of the Honor Code.