Chemistry in Mr. Striders Room

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A perfect demonstration that Students + Fun + Energy —-> Learning is a well-balanced equation in chemistry.

James Breland ESL U.S. History Class Picture

ESL US History Class Picture

Here is Mr. Breland with his class having fun!!! We are all enjoying our first semester at Heritage Academy and are so happy to be here!  Mr. Breland is teaching his class America’s story.  We are learning about the history of America and each other too!  We are all thankful to be a part of a supportive learning environment where we can count on one another!

Physical Science

engineering septemberPhysical Science made their first design project this month. Next month they will be designing an energy-efficient, mixed-use building while learning about forces, energy and waves.

September 11 Six-Word Memoirs

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Mrs. Zmarzly’s Middle School Language Arts class read memoirs about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Some of the writers included survivors, family members of victims, President George W. Bush, and first responders. In response to these tragic stories, students wrote their own six-word memoirs.

Gun Control Debate

Mr. Zawacki’s Government/Economics class had their first debate of the year. The topic concerned Gun Control. Students James Hammond and Will Miles took the Affirmative position: “Gun Control legislation as it currently stands should not be altered or changed.” Arguing for the Negative position were students Lee Hammerschmidt and Peter Kelesis.


Ted Class

Study Skills 101

Improving Your Note Taking

Learning how to take good notes in class is an important part of study preparation. If you don’t take good notes in class you won’t know what to study once class is over.  Effective note taking is one of the keys to effective studying. Most successful students, whether they be in high school or college, are excellent note takers.

The following tips can help you take effective notes:

Make clear and accurate notes
Clearly written, accurate notes help to capture information for later study and review.

Come to class prepared
There is nothing that will help you take better notes than coming to class prepared, make sure that you have read all assigned readings and have reviewed your notes from the previous class.

Compare your notes
When class is over compare your notes to those taken by other students.

Minimize distractions
Remove any distractions that keep you from concentrating on class lectures and taking notes.

Organize your notes
Start each class with a clean sheet of paper.  Put the day’s date at the top of your notes along with any other relevant information (i.e. history notes, chemistry notes, etc.)

Use abbreviations and symbols

Use short sentences and phrases and easily remembered abbreviations and symbols in order to make sure you’re able to keep up with the lecture.

Write clearly
It doesn’t matter how many notes you can take if you can’t make sense of your notes after the lecture is over.

Review your notes
Review your notes as soon as you can. Reviewing your notes directly following a lecture will make sure that you understand your notes and lecture and will help you to concrete in your mind the concepts and information you learned.

Write down questions
Make sure to write down any questions you have or concepts you didn’t completely understand so that you can go back after class and ask the teacher specific


Creating A New Government



Like our Founding Fathers, students in Ms. Hobson’s afternoon U.S. Government class worked in groups to create new governments.  This activity was a  conclusion to their lessons on how governments are formed, types of governments, and the origins of the U.S. Government.


United States History Class


Students in Mr. Zawacki’s United States History Class have debated the following questions: Was the American Revolution inevitable? Or could the Thirteen Colonies have remained attached to Britain for many years and then peacefully achieved their independence as the British colonies of Canada and Australia later did? How would the “meaning of America” have been different without this violent revolt from the mother country?



Monarch Butterfly leaves US for Mexico this month


The Third year Spanish class is avidly studying the current migration of the Monarch Butterfly from our island of Hilton Head to Michoacan, Mexico, where over 250 million will reside for the winter. Our students have recently recorded sightings of the Monarch in our community and are presenting their findings to the class in their Spanish power point projects. We are learning a great deal in Spanish about our fragile ecosystem!

Beginning Art Class

Chickens web 2

Chickens web


For National Chicken Month the Beginning Art Classes completed a Colored Pencil Drawing of a Chicken. Enjoy.