Study of Civil War Battles



Mr. Zawacki’s United States History class is completing a study of Civil War Battles. Madison Dillon and Kayla Kozak are comparing and contrasting critical decisions made in the Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg.

World Geography Guest Speakers

Guest speakers share information about their native countries and cultures with Mrs. Biggs’s middle school World Geography class.  Pictured below are Madame Villet from France, Madame Gadron from France, Mrs. Cicha from the Czech Republic, Charlie Spencer from England, and Mark Groenhuysen from the Netherlands.


Madame Villet



Madame Gadron



Mrs. Cicha



Charlie Spencer



Mark Groenhuysen


Happy Holidays from Heritage Academy

From our family to yours…may you have a blessed, safe, and wondrous holiday season!


We Rank at the Top for RESPECT

SaeraResized SunsukeResized SantiagoResized MarcoResized Diane&KathyResized TianaResizedWe are pleased to award five students and two teachers recognition for outstanding and consistent show of respect in class and passion area.  The concept of respect centers on how one feels about and treats another person..and him or herself too. Such an important core quality is valuable currency to have and to share in life. Congratulations to Saera Kanda, Shunsuke Omura, Tiana Cruz, Santiago Diaz, Marco Filous, Diane Bass, and Kathy Seyalioglu!

Debating the Gun Control Controversy


“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Students of Mr. Ted Zawacki’s Government class debated the controversy over gun control. Arguing for the Affirmative were Colton Tanner and Ryan Pongrac while Angela Aung and Alejandro Guillen presented the Negative argument.

5 NCAA Early Signers Shine!

Five Heritage seniors signed letters of intent to compete on NCAA Div. I or Div II golf teams for Fall 2015.  Heritage Academy hosted this capstone event as a recognition and celebration of scholarship and athleticism. Congratulations to five standouts who had a strategically-planned path to success in the college prep classroom and on the links. Ruling the fairways and greens on their collegiate teams are Charlie Spencer White (DePaul Univ.), Jasmine Chee (Western Michigan Univ.), Melany Chong ( Appalachian St. Univ.), Ankita Kedlaya (East Tennessee St. Univ.), and Nick Russell (Limestone College). fall '15 early signers

Art Classes Field Trip

SCISA 2015 Art Show

Heritage Academy entered 7 pieces of Art in the Show.  Jose Chavez one first place in his Division.  He received a monetary award and a blue ribbon.

DSCF1929 DSCF1928 DSCF1927 DSCF1926 DSCF1925 DSCF1924 DSCF1923

October Students and Teacher of the Month

For the month of October, Heritage Academy honors five students and a teacher for their consistent display of ethical behavior on and off campus.  For knowing what’s right and for standing up for “right” we salute you. They are: Seniors Arthur Yeager and Kota Nishimura; underclassmen Leo Hernandez and Jenny Zhu; middle school student Kevin Pierre; and teacher Sarah Hobson.

Sarah Hobson TOM ethics Arthur Yeager SOM ethics Kota SOM Ethics Leo SOM Ethics Jenny SOM Ethics Kevin SOM Ethics


World Geography Class Gets a Taste of Montreal!

1105151011 Students in the morning World Geography class enjoyed a visit from Mrs. Horup, Vivi’s mother,  yesterday.  She shared with us  her experiences growing up in the province of French Quebec, as well as some samples of French Canadian cuisine.  It was a most enjoyable way to synthesize from the textbook to real life!