Olympics – It is all about the Data

Mrs. Sklarin’s statistics classes held their own version of the Olympics on Monday, Feb 23. Each student came up with an event idea that would last about a minute and could be described by a normal curve. They invited the other students in the school to come and take part in the events. It was a fun way to produce and collect data! We had several events to participate in including: paper plane flight, jump rope, paper ball basket, golf ball juggle, tennis ball juggle, volleyball bounce, popcorn move, raisin toss, candy box, pencil toss, write the numbers, press the button, and balloon float. The participants had fun competing in these unusual events and the statistics students had fun watching the data be created. The next step for the statistics students is to organize the data into a graph and describe it. Then they will calculate the statistics to go along with it and create the normal curve associated with their statistics. Winners, determined by z-score totals, will be announced on Friday, Feb 27.

IMG_2318 IMG_2317 IMG_2316 IMG_2313 (800x600) IMG_2312 (800x600) IMG_2304 (800x600) IMG_2303 IMG_2302 IMG_2299 (800x600) IMG_2284 (800x600) IMG_2288 (800x600) IMG_2276 IMG_2264 IMG_2260 (800x600) IMG_2256 (800x600) IMG_2250 (800x600)IMG_2253 IMG_2249 IMG_2247

Government Students Become "Founding Fathers"

Students in Ms. Hobson’s U.S. Government class formed three new states, writing constitutions and developing structures for national security, public education, voting, public services, and leadership.  Each new state had a national symbol and a national flag created by the group to represent their state.  Prior to this activity, each student created an original symbol represented of his/her own country, state, or home town!  Each group then evaluated its work and assigned the group a grade.  Student comments on what they learned about America’s Founding Fathers & running a government:  “It seemed almost impossible to think of everything needed to write a good constitution.”  “Yes, we learned some of the struggles our governments face on a daily basis.” “…there were different ideas on the way to deciding how the government should be structured and we learned how to compromise and agree on what we all thought was best.”

Group 1 Making a GovernmentGroup 2 Making a GovernmentGroup 3 Making a GovernmentSymbols OneSymbols Two

February's Advocate Group Meeting: Tolerance

On February 3, 2015, all Advocate Groups met to discuss Tolerance. Miss Hill’s class focused on tolerance by looking at stereotypes. Students participated in an activity where 10 statements were posted to the board. Each student received the face of a teenager (no students from Heritage Academy) and had to match the teenager to the statement. Students discussed the stereotypes behind the statements and if they were aware of them.

Students agreed that stereotypes can be uncomfortable to talk about, but it is a conversation that should be had. Stereotypes, or over-generalizations about a group of people, are quite hurtful. Each student wrote a statement in reference to stereotypes about their culture. The cover photo is a collage of those statements.


Don’t let stereotypes stop you from meeting new people!




Government/Economics Students Study the Middle Class Squeeze


Karan Raj Bhasin presents his analysis of the Middle Class Squeeze and why it is harder to achieve the “American Dream.” He highlighted the importance of a vibrant Middle Class and the economic benefits derived from it.