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Promising Picasso Reception

The Promising Picass Reception. This is a juried show and several of our student’s art work was accepted and displayed for the month at the Art Center of Coastal Carolina. This Art Show is sponsored by The Island School Council for the Arts.

Asian Fans

Begining Art Class constructed a multi media project.  They choose their subject, media and beads. They enjoyed looking at each classes finished work.  Other students and teachers complemented their work.

Promising Picasso Art Show

The following students art work has been  entered in The Promising Picasso Art Show (The Island School Council) Kota Nishimura, Maryann Aaron, Muriel Metzger, Hazwan Abdul Rahman, and Aek Uenghiranpaisan. The art work will be on display at the Arts Center during March.  

Heritage Academy interepts Surrealism

Surrealism was an artistic movement that expresses dreamlike subjects.  Subjects that are real in an unreal setting or sur real.  After looking at art created by Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali the Begining Art sudents did 2 exercises that started the process.  Using acrylic paints they then created their dream . Jerri Pautler

Pointillism Begining Art

Begining art class’s study of Impressionism has led us to Seurat and his pointillism. Students were to choose a photograph, either there own or one off the internet, and translate it into adrawing that they could them fill with points of color.  These colors will blend from a distance to form a subject. When I […]

Floral Still Lifes

The beginning art classes have painted the same still-life in two medias.  They learned that acrylic paint and water color paint act differently and create a different look to the same subject.