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ESL Science with Mr. Powell Block 3 ESL Science Students (Kota, Sera, Takafumi, and Sean) have begun their study of science.  We are looking for the answer to this question:  What do seeds need to grow?  Our seed packets are behind the students on the window of the classroom.

Block 4 World Literature Poetry

When the sorrow approaches you, When the loneliness approaches you, I, who would be by you, Would swallow your pain While I swallow the pain, Let’s support each other Called love . . . as behavior and soul We close our eyes, and wake up from our dream.  

Discovering Dreams

Maddie displays great symbolism in her artwork. She portrays hard work through her grandfather. He was able to play professional basketball due to his work ethic and dedication. If you work hard and give your best effort towards your passion, you will inevitably reach your highest goals and wildest dreams. –Matt Mendez

World Literature Studies Symbols.

    Students recently read an excerpt from the graphic novel, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood, by Iranian author Marjane Satrapi.  We studied the use of the symbol as a literary element.  Students from the 4th Block World Literature class created their own graphic novel page to show a scene from their life.  Jamie Lin from […]

British Literature Studies Macbeth

Block 2 British Literature students created the cover for a Playbill Magazine for Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  They also chose the cast to portray the characters using modern-day entertainment personalities.  Leonardo DiCaprio was by far the most popular actor!