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United States History Debate on Columbus

  Students in Mr. Ted Zawacki’s United States History class have concluded their debate on whether Christopher Columbus was a terrorist or a hero and whether we should celebrate “Indigenous Day” instead.  Class members debating were: Dan Byrne, Chloe Corbitt, Jason Hijazi, Brian Kim, Luis Martinez Graces, Ryan Pongrac, Pongkhun Prommart, Victor Sanchez Gallegos and Linda Trockel. […]

Advanced Placement United States History Students Debate World War I

Mr. Zawacki’s Advanced Placement United States History students debated the topic “Should the United States have entered World War I?” Students representing the Affirmative side were Clayton North and Arthur Yeager. The Negative position was represented by Colton Tanner and Will White. Judges for the Debate were fellow students from Mrs. Butterworth’s Journalism 2 class.

Advanced Placement United States History Debaters

The following Advanced Placement United States History students were involved in a debate on the Founders of American Industry. The question debated was: “Robber Barons or Captains of Industry”. The debaters pictured are: Noah Corbitt,, Clayton North, Arthur Yeager, Meredith Langs, Colton Tanner, Will White and Christopher McCorkendale. The Industrialists studied were John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius […]