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Mr. Zawacki’s Advanced Placement United States History Class Debates the United States entry into World War I

Representing the Affirmative side were J.T. Page and Bria’ Sanders while arguing the Negative position were Jiri Honajzer and David Botti. Strong arguments revolved around the Lusitania, Sussex Pledge, Submarine warfare, British Blockade, Munitions, the influence of Bankers, Effective Propaganda, President Woodrow Wilson’s moral stance and sympathizers on both sides.

Mr. Zawacki’s Government Class Debates Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is intended to promote the opportunities of defined minority groups within a society to give them access equal to that of the privileged majority population. Representing the Affirmative arguments were Jake Kessel and Dakota Sabados,  while the Negative arguments were voiced by Carolina Lewis and Sydney Nix.

Advanced Placement United States History Students Learn The New Deal

Mr. Zawacki’s Advanced Placement United States History students are shown here sudying the effects of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s attempts to apply the concepts of Relief, Recovery and Reform to the Great Depression. The students, JT Page, David Botti, Bria’ Sanders and Jiri Honajzer, are in a comprehensive study of the 1930’s and a detailed […]

The Victorious MarketBulls of Mr. Zawacki’s Economics Class!!

Pictured here are 2nd Place Winner James Hammond and 1st place Champion Will Miles. They emerged as the victorious MarketBulls from the Stock Market Game played and just recently completed during the second quarter of their Economics class.  In their own words, James and Will had this to say about the experience they and their classmates had while learning […]

Heritage Academy MarketBulls

  Mr. Ted Zawacki’s Economics class has begun their Stock Market Game. Each student begins with $10,000 for an Investment Portfolio. Their interest lie in the areas of how each company makes its money, the things that affect  the performance of the stock and the examination of the company’s income statement, balance sheet and cash […]

Debate in Government/Economics

Mr. Ted Zawacki’s Government/Economics class held their second debate of the semester on the argument: “Partial Birth Abortion Should be Illegal”.  The debaters prepared detailed arguments and rebuttals that were well thought out and articulated. A comprehensive understanding of Roe vs. Wade resulted and was the cornerstone of the debate.    

Gun Control Debate

Mr. Zawacki’s Government/Economics class had their first debate of the year. The topic concerned Gun Control. Students James Hammond and Will Miles took the Affirmative position: “Gun Control legislation as it currently stands should not be altered or changed.” Arguing for the Negative position were students Lee Hammerschmidt and Peter Kelesis.