Entries by Tracy Sklarin

Graphs In Motion in Algebra 2

Mrs. Sklarin’s Algebra 2 class explored transformations of some familiar functions in class. Using their TI-Nspire calculators they saw the graphs move as they changed the coefficients. They developed an understanding of how each value effects the graph. (example: f(x) = a(x-h)^2 +k). The last activity on the calculator had the students manipulating the coefficients […]

Geometry Class Constructions

Mrs. Sklarin’s third block Geometry class has started the year off with constructions. They are seen above working with the “tools” of geometry; the compass, protractor, and ruler. We were able to construct congruent line segments and angles. Then we constructed segment bisectors and angle bisectors. The students had fun exploring the use of our […]

Algebra 2 and Conic Sections

The Algebra 2 class at Heritage Academy enjoyed creating their own conic sections. They used string, push pins, and the foci to create different sized conics. They were able to explore how the equations, centers, and foci change each conic. Finally they made a conic face, using several different conic sections to create their masterpiece.

Experiments in Statistics

The statistics classes at Heritage Academy conducted an experiment with paper helicopters. They predicted which helicopter would land faster, the short rotors or the long rotors. Students divided up into groups to create their helicopters. One student dropped the helicopters and the other timed the decent. The copters were dropped at random determined by the […]

Heritage Math Team Competes in Sumter

The 2014 Heritage Academy Math Team competed in the South Carolina Independent School Association High School State Math Meet on Wednesday, January 15 in Sumter.  The pictured five person team did a wonderful job representing Heritage Academy.  We had a fun time and enjoyed the pizza lunch. The math competition included a 50 question multiple […]