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Fun with the Promethean Board in Geometry

Mrs. Sklarin’s afternoon geometry class is up out of their seats and working at the board.  It is not just any board these students are working on; it is a Promethean Board.  This interactive white board allows the students to be involved in the lessons.  Today the students worked with parallel lines and tranversals.  The students had […]

Test Review Goes High Tech in Geometry

The students are shown using the textbook’s online review to prepare for their chapter test.  The students complete the self-check quizzes and chapter test online.  The website provides hints to the students as they are working on each problem.  It also provides the correct answers once they complete each quiz in order for them to check their work.  I am […]

Geometry Classes Make Tessellations!

Mrs. Sklarin’s geometry class enjoyed a break form arithmetic today as they created tessellations.  Tessellations are patterns made from shapes that cover the entire surface without gaps or overlaps.  The students used congruence transformations to move their shapes around to cover the surface of a page.  Students used translations with their crazy squares and rotations with their crazy […]