Market Watch Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Market Watch Virtual Stock Exchange Game held in Mr. Zawacki’s Gov/Econ class.

From left: Matt Pilgrim (2nd), Nebyou Minassie (1st), Alessandro Lamarca (3rd), and Annika Dogger (4th).

United States History Debate on Columbus


United States History

Students in Mr. Ted Zawacki’s United States History class have concluded their debate on whether Christopher Columbus was a terrorist or a hero and whether we should celebrate “Indigenous Day” instead.  Class members debating were: Dan Byrne, Chloe Corbitt, Jason Hijazi, Brian Kim, Luis Martinez Graces, Ryan Pongrac, Pongkhun Prommart, Victor Sanchez Gallegos and Linda Trockel. Missing from the photo is photographer Chloe Corbitt.

United States History Students Study The Mexican War


The students in Mr. Zawacki’s United States History Class have recently completed their study of the Mexican War of 1846-48. Some of the highlights discussed were the Battles at the Alamo and San Jacinto and the influence of Sam Houston.

Generosity is Rewarding

JasmineCheeSeniorViviHorupAMUnderclassman MrFisher


JoseChavezPMUnderclassman JimJiPMSeniorCongratulations to Jasmine Chee, Vivi Horup, Mr. Fisher, Jose Chavez, Jim Ji, and Owen Van Marter (not pictured) for receiving the Students and Teacher of the Month awards for “Generosity.” They have each volunteered their time, shown special generosity of spirit, or freely given to others to earn this honor. We thank them for setting such a fine example for our school community!


Personal Narrative for Mrs. Biggs’s Composition Class


March 15, 2016

Bike Accident

I loved to ride my bike when I was young. Two years ago I looked at one bike that I really wanted. I told my dad, but my dad didn’t want to pay for the bike, because he said I had too many bikes already. I decided to go to work and pay for the bike myself. A few weeks after I got my bike, I had a terrible accident. I learned it was very important to choose the right size of bike. I still love riding my bike.

It is good to pay for something yourself. I decided to find a job after my dad said he wasn’t going to pay for my bike. I went to many restaurants to asked for a job. At first, I told the restaurant manager I was just going to work for two months, they said they wanted to offer a long term position. One day, I went to the post office with my friend, I was walking around while I was waiting for her. I saw one shop was still opened, so I went into the shop and asked for a job. The owner offered me for the job because she needed more people to work for her. I was really happy because I finally found work and could get the bike. During work, I cooked, cleaned, served, and delivered the food. It was NT150 per hour, so I had to work at least one month to have the money to pay for the bike. I worked 5 or 6 hours per day, if I worked more, then I would get more pay. After the first month, I had enough money for the bike. I went to the bike shop and choose the bike and ordered it. I got my bike before my birthday. It was the first gift I brought for myself with my own money.

It is very important to be careful. I had a bike accident a few weeks after I got my bike. I remembered it was lunch time, I was on my way back from the dumpling shop. I was riding on the road fast and next thing I remembered I was on the floor. When I opened my eyes there was a guy pulling me up. I couldn’t remember much about what happened. I didn’t tell anyone what happened, but my mom saw that something was wrong. later that night I told her what happened. My dad got really mad, because I should’ve I told him earlier, but I didn’t. We immediately went to the hospital and I had a MRI done for my brain. The doctor said, “He might have hit his head when he fell down, so that’s why he couldn’t remembered what happened.” I crashed in front of the bus station, so the good thing is there weren’t any buses there during that time or I could be dead now.

I learned that we shouldn’t ever choose the wrong size bike. When I was choosing my bike, I thought, “I’m good at riding bikes.” I told the owner that I would grow, so I wanted the bigger one and it looked better. So I choose the bike that was not the correct fit for me. It was too big and long for me. This was the major reason for that accident. I lost control for the bike. I only have the front break, the reason why I didn’t put the rear break on it was because it looked stupid, also it would hurt the wheel. I pressed the front break too hard, so the back wheel came up and I got flipped over. I went to find my friend after the accident, and he looked up the bike for me, and he told me it was the wrong size. I told me dad about this, so he decided let me buy a new body for my bike. In total I spent around $1000 on that bike.

Sometimes people have to learn a lesson. I learned a really good lesson from this accident, I learned not to ever choose the wrong size bike. The wrong size bike might cost you to have a dangerous accident. I realized everything is not just for good looks, it has to be useful and safe.

United States History Students Study Women and the Progressive Movement


In Mr. Zawacki’s United States History class, Angela Aung and Anna Letto are shown explaining the historical contributions to the Women’s Progressive Movement. Susan B. Anthony and others were highlighted in the struggle to strive for Suffrage, Temperance and Equal Opportunity.

Advanced Placement United States History Students Debate World War I

World War I

Mr. Zawacki’s Advanced Placement United States History students debated the topic “Should the United States have entered World War I?” Students representing the Affirmative side were Clayton North and Arthur Yeager. The Negative position was represented by Colton Tanner and Will White. Judges for the Debate were fellow students from Mrs. Butterworth’s Journalism 2 class.

Mummies Invade Heritage


IMG_0909 IMG_0908

5th/6th grade World Civilizations students learn about the process of Egyptian embalming by making apple mummies. Beware, the mummies will be exhumed March 21st!!! (Pictured are Owen, Luke, Calvin, and Brooke)

United States History Students Study the Prelude to the Constitution


Students in Mr. Zawacki’s United States History class are studying the background of the United States Constitution. Anna Letto and Angela Aung explain the benefits of the Land Ordinances of 1785 and 1787 and Shays Rebellion. These were preludes to the establishment of the Continental Congress of May 1787.