AP Lit Class Presents Independent Novels

AP Lit Novel Photo

The AP Literature & Composition students just completed presenting their independent novels to the class.  After completing the reading and researching  the author and the critical analysis, each student “taught” his/her novel to the class in a 45-minute presentation.  These presentations not only included biographical author information and literary analysis, but creative elements as well.  The creative elements ranged from servings of rye bread and duck, biscuits, and apple pie to original artwork, related music, lemonade, and purple flowers!  In addition, each student wrote an original poem that was representative of his/her novel.

Heritage Academy interepts Surrealism

Surrealism was an artistic movement that expresses dreamlike subjects.  Subjects that are real in an unreal setting or sur real.  After looking at art created by Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali the Begining Art sudents did 2 exercises that started the process.  Using acrylic paints they then created their dream .

DSCF1499 DSCF1500 DSCF1501Jerri Pautler

Ms. Hobson's Government/Economics Class's Investment Game




This quarter the class is involved in participating in a virtual reality investment game.  Each student was “given” $100,000 to invest in the stock market.  Students research their investments and then buy and sell stock according to their research. At the end of the five-week period, prizes are awarded for the top investors.  Students also are required to write an evaluation of their personal experiences with investments, including what they have learned from the project.  This is a fun way to experience the real world of stocks and investments!

As part of this activity, the students participated in the commodities exchange on the Friday before the Thanksgiving Break with a game of PIT.  They actually traded and competed to control the market on one particular commodity.  The result was almost as lively as that taking place on  the actual floor of the commodities exchange!

photo 4photo 2photo 1 photo 3

The Victorious MarketBulls of Mr. Zawacki’s Economics Class!!


Pictured here are 2nd Place Winner James Hammond and 1st place Champion Will Miles. They emerged as the victorious MarketBulls from the Stock Market Game played and just recently completed during the second quarter of their Economics class.  In their own words, James and Will had this to say about the experience they and their classmates had while learning about the Stock Market: This game was about our class learning how the Stock Market functions. It really demonstrated to our class how volatile the Stock Market can be and to keep your money safe you need to invest in Blue-Chip stocks. One key principle of making money is buying a stock when it is low and selling the stock when it is high. Our class really enjoyed the game and we look forward to investing our own money in the real market.





CHEMISTRY IN ACTION!!! Paige Peter Brett and Ronak  Display Results of a Chemistry Lab

Spanish 1 class


First year Spanish students enjoyed practicing their Spanish on a field trip to Fiesta Fresh in November. Students ordered their Mexican meals in Spanish and practiced their newly acquired Spanish vocabulary while munching on tacos and tortillas.  Yum! Nos divertimos mucho!!

United States History Classes Learn About Hilton Head Island

History Presentation

The 3rd Block classes of Mr. Jonathan Johns and Mr. Ted Zawacki hosted a teaching seminar by Mr. Lou Benfante of the Heritage Library who spoke on the History of Hilton Head Island. A power point presentation detailed a thorough background of Hilton Head Island from the 1500’s to Present Day. Students became familiar with William Hilton, the significance of Port Royal Plantation, Daufuskie Island, Fort Mitchell, Zion Chapel, the History of the Gullah Community, Spanish Wells and the significance of cotton, indigo and rice in the early development of Hilton Head Island. The influence of Charles Frasier was emphasized as well as the significance of the Lighthouse in Sea Pines Plantation. Mr. Benfante proved himself to be an enlightened speaker and authority on Hilton Head Island.

Photo Inspiration from Coligny Beach

Mrs.  Bass’s Advanced Art class traveled to Coligny Beach on Wednesday, November 13 for a photo experience. Each student was responsible for obtaining photos in two categories: Portraits and Landscapes/seascapes.  We had some  heavy sprinkles to contend with but otherwise he class was very successful in the execution of the photos.  Students photographed each other, strangers on the beach and waves, surf and dunes.  Time was also spent sketching some of their photos. It was a very successful experience.  Students are now using their photos for class projects which should be on display on the school walls in the future.

Advanced art Beach 010 (2) Advanced art Beach 015 (5) Advanced art Beach 016 (2) Advanced art Beach 018 (2)



A sharing of song.

Bailey is one of the middle school students.  Today she shared her passion area with the class.   She played three songs for us and she is going to put together a musical presentation for United States History before the end of the semester.Bailey

Spanish Games are fun to learn!

The first year Spanish class enjoys lots of new games in Spanish to help remember all the new vocabulary.  It works!