Physical Science learns to code with Karel

Physical Science spent a week this month leaning basic programming skills and coding, by teaching Karel the Dog new tricks.

Chemistry Fun at Heritage

Page and John carefully add Copper oct chemistry blogsulfate in a Stoichiometry reaction!!!!!

Heritage Students Take to the Water

On October 14, 2013 the science classes of Diane Bass and the Geography class of Sarah Hobson traveled to Fish Haul Creek park for a nature walk with nature guide Miss Carol.  She explained how the tides of Hilton Head are some of the highest tides of the eastern seaboard.  Her discussion of indigenous species, plant and animal, was thorough and very informative. We walked the beach at Port Royal Sound, saw snails, Camphorweed, burrow holes made by crabs and lots of Sandspur as evidenced by the burs on students pant legs!

We then traveled to Jarvis Park for a kayak trip with guides Mark and Keith.   After suiting up in life jackets, Mark explained the proper procedure for paddling, how to turn and how NOT to tip over. Everyone was successful  in their travels along the salt marsh.  We saw plenty of Cordgrass, Salt Hay and some Sea Oxe Eye Daisy as well.   A few students got overly wet but everyone enjoyed the day outdoors along the salt marsh and estuary of Hilton Head Island.  We experienced the true nature of this exceptional coastline wonder!

IMG_0493IMG_0530IMG_0489 IMG_0495 IMG_0499 IMG_0514 IMG_0531








Sonnet Day in Literary Analysis

Congratulations to all students in Mrs. Bradley’s Literary Analysis class who prepared creative sonnets after studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!   Each male student wrote a sonnet to “Juliet” while each female student wrote to “Romeo.”  Requirements included correct form for  Shakespearean sonnet, iambic pentameter, specific rhyme, previous vocabulary words, and a theme for each quatrain. They did an excellent job!

World Geography Class Presents Biomes

Each student researched one of the world’s biomes and presented their research findings to the class in a PowerPoint presentation.

IMG_2126 IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2132 IMG_2133 IMG_2134 IMG_2136

Taking Notes is an Art in Geometry

The students in Mrs. Sklarin’s afternoon geometry class take the most colorful notes.  This student has demonstrated his outstanding note taking 2 (800x600)

Fun with the Promethean Board in Geometry

Geom 4 Parallel lines and transversals

Mrs. Sklarin’s afternoon geometry class is up out of their seats and working at the board.  It is not just any board these students are working on; it is a Promethean Board.  This interactive white board allows the students to be involved in the lessons.  Today the students worked with parallel lines and tranversals.  The students had to place the correct measures on the angles created by the transversal.  They had fun correcting one another and getting all the values in place.  Who knew learning could be so much fun!

Geom 4 take 2 Parallel and transversals

Mrs. Sklarin's Algebra 2 class is Working Hard

alg 2 at work 2
Mrs. Sklarin’s Algebra 2 Class is working hard at their study!

Debate in Government/Economics


Mr. Ted Zawacki’s Government/Economics class held their second debate of the semester on the argument: “Partial Birth Abortion Should be Illegal”.  The debaters prepared detailed arguments and rebuttals that were well thought out and articulated. A comprehensive understanding of Roe vs. Wade resulted and was the cornerstone of the debate.