Research Paper and Library Field Trip


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All World Literature students are required to submit a research paper in MLA format.   The topic of each paper is a Nobel Prize winning author or poet.  Students will research their biographies, the culture of their country, and their literary achievements.  Students recently visited the Hilton Head Island Library to learn how to use their online Discus research resources.  The Discus research capabilities allow students online access not only to encyclopedias and biographies but also to magazine and newspaper articles.  The rough draft of research papers are due Monday, May 4.  The final draft of the research papers are due, Monday, May 18.  Power Point presentations on the research paper findings will be presented in class the week beginning Monday, May 25.

Pennies for Patients – Pizza Parties!

We are happy to celebrate with our “Pennies for Patients” winning classes! Mr. Costaksis’ 3rd block and Mr. Powell’s 6th block classes earned the honor of collecting the most change, over $100 each. Their prizes are a Pizza Party and a Bronze Champion Banner!  The generosity of our students will shine on through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as they continue their mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and melanoma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. We want to thank the whole school for giving a total of $840.47 for the cause.  Way to go Heritage Academy!

IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0576 IMG_0574 IMG_0573 PIzza Pennies for Patients Amelie Pennies for PAtients costakis Pennie for PAtients

Algebra 2 Students Hard at Work Before the Heritage Golf Tournament

The students in Mrs. Sklarin’s Algebra 2  class, the Wednesday before the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament, found themselves working hard. They completed the lesson and the homework. To celebrate, I gave them each a challenge problem to complete on the board. They met the challenge and still had a smile.  I hope they enjoy the golf tournament.

Alg 2 Nat ZengAlg 2 Kyle

Trigonometry in the Precalculus Classroom

The students in Mrs. Sklarin’s Precalculus class have started their unit on Trigonometry.  After memorizing the unit circle the students are starting on the graphs of the trigonometric functions. We enjoyed discussing the differences and similarities of each function as we graphed them all on our whiteboards. Then each student chose a function to graph on butcher paper to post on the wall. We had a great time creating our masterpieces.

Mary Ann -trig Jamie Precalc - trig   Arthur precalc - trig Ana Precalc - trigNikki Precalculus - trigMaryAnn 2 Jamie 2 Ana Paula 2    Nikki 2Arthur 2Precalc at workFinished productsPrecaclulus 2015 Block 1

World Literature Poetry Unit

Blog Poetry

Students (left to right around the table) Maurizio De Bono, Ana Paula Valdes, and Gabby Teran study the poem The Guitar by Frederico Garcia Lorca while listening to classical Spanish guitar music.   While reading Freedom to Breath by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn the students listened to a classical Russian piano concerto.  The world literature poetry unit includes poetry from around the world.  The first part of the poetry unit included Tanka and Haiku from East Asia.  After the European part of the unit, the students will study poetry from the Americas.

The Stock Market Game in Economics Class


Mr. Zawacki’s Economics class has begun the Stock Market Game. Twelve students have entered the game and each one has $10,000 to invest in companies that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ. Pictured are Jamie Lin, Jasmine Chee, Lizzy Tupamahu and Masako Makiba. The game involves the buying and selling of common stock with the hope of making a profit. The Stock Market Game ends on Monday, May 4, 2015.

Presentation Skills 101

Last week’s Study Skills class focused on learning the ins-and-outs of presentation skills.  5th and 6th graders Kevin, Amalie, Bryce and Ayushman have fun learning exercises that help them get into the perfect posture in order to project their voices clearly for a speech or presentation.

Statictics Classes Experiment with Helicopters

Mrs. Sklarin’s statistics classes began their unit on experiments. They are learning about how control, randomness, and replication are used in conducting experiments. They are also investigating how “equal treatment for all,” is all about the details. This week they took to the outdoors with paper helicopters they made in class. The made two helicopters; one with long rotors and one with short rotors. They investigated which would have a longer flight time. They tossed a coin to determine which copter would be dropped first. Every drop had to be made from the same height and timed in the same way. We had a few lurking variables interfere with the drops. The wind picked up at one point and the helicopters ran into some students while they were picking up their fallen copters and other flew into the growing vines. After ten drops with each copter the students got to work on their calculators creating graphs and calculating summary statistics. The results showed that the short rotor helicopters’ flight times were significantly shorter.

IMG_0483 IMG_0492 IMG_0482 IMG_0475IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0473 IMG_0480

Language Arts 'Chew On This' Presentations

Chase Phillips presents his power point during Mrs. Zmarzly’s Language Arts class.

The 7th/8th grade class read the thought provoking book Chew on This about the fast food industry.  Students were given a choice to either write an essay or design a poster board/power point. Students then gave a classroom presentation on the topic “How fast food effects people, communities and the food industry.”

Earlier this month, the 7th/8th grade students worked on presentation skills during a Study Skills class with Mrs. Wynne.  All students were asked to apply what they have learned as they gave their oral reports to the class.  Students were critiqued by both Mrs. Zmarzly and Mrs. Wynne over the delivery, content/organization and enthusiasm/audience awareness of their presentations.

A super job done by all students!!


Pennies for Patients Service Project with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) Pennies for Patients service project is underway at Heritage Academy.  Leukemia is the most common cancer in children, adolescents and young adults younger than 20 years and it causes more deaths than any other cancer among this age group. Thanks to LLS funded research and the fundraising effort of programs like Pennies for Patients, survival rates for some blood cancer patients have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled. Critical treatment innovations have originated through blood cancer research – radiation, chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation, and new targeted therapies. LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. The National Honor Society members are leading the way with the Pennies for Patients service project by making signs, announcements, and walking around to classrooms encouraging donations. We have already collected over $250 in three days. One classroom, Mr. Costakis’s 3rd block class, has already reached the $100 mark and will be awarded a pennant from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to acknowledge their generosity. Now we are asking you, our extended family, to join us in our efforts to assist those diagnosed with blood cancers and help fund research for the cure. Designate the classroom of your choice to receive credit for your donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Go to to make you donation online. Thank you in advance for all your support and generosity.

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