Research Paper and Library Field Trip


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All World Literature students are required to submit a research paper in MLA format.   The topic of each paper is a Nobel Prize winning author or poet.  Students will research their biographies, the culture of their country, and their literary achievements.  Students recently visited the Hilton Head Island Library to learn how to use their online Discus research resources.  The Discus research capabilities allow students online access not only to encyclopedias and biographies but also to magazine and newspaper articles.  The rough draft of research papers are due Monday, May 4.  The final draft of the research papers are due, Monday, May 18.  Power Point presentations on the research paper findings will be presented in class the week beginning Monday, May 25.

World Literature Poetry Unit

Blog Poetry

Students (left to right around the table) Maurizio De Bono, Ana Paula Valdes, and Gabby Teran study the poem The Guitar by Frederico Garcia Lorca while listening to classical Spanish guitar music.   While reading Freedom to Breath by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn the students listened to a classical Russian piano concerto.  The world literature poetry unit includes poetry from around the world.  The first part of the poetry unit included Tanka and Haiku from East Asia.  After the European part of the unit, the students will study poetry from the Americas.

Ancient Worlds Unit

Ancient Worlds PhotoStudents wrote their names in cuneiform.  They illustrated the background with images from the ancient civilizations we studied in this unit.  Pictured:  Maurizio DeBono, Ana Paula Valdez, Jasmine Chee, Gabby Teran.

Government Students Become "Founding Fathers"

Students in Ms. Hobson’s U.S. Government class formed three new states, writing constitutions and developing structures for national security, public education, voting, public services, and leadership.  Each new state had a national symbol and a national flag created by the group to represent their state.  Prior to this activity, each student created an original symbol represented of his/her own country, state, or home town!  Each group then evaluated its work and assigned the group a grade.  Student comments on what they learned about America’s Founding Fathers & running a government:  “It seemed almost impossible to think of everything needed to write a good constitution.”  “Yes, we learned some of the struggles our governments face on a daily basis.” “…there were different ideas on the way to deciding how the government should be structured and we learned how to compromise and agree on what we all thought was best.”

Group 1 Making a GovernmentGroup 2 Making a GovernmentGroup 3 Making a GovernmentSymbols OneSymbols Two

A Theater Experience

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Ms. Bradley’s Lit & Analysis students and Ms. Hobson’s AP Literature students attended the Arts Center’s production of To Kill a Mockingbird.  It was a rewarding cultural experience for the 40 students who attended the production.  Students were able to see a favorite novel come alive before their eyes.  We were especially pleased to have an opportunity to see one of our teachers, Ms. Zmarzly, performing in the play!  Afternoon students made a stop for lunch before returning to school for classes, while morning students journeyed on to their afternoon training activities.  It was a very special day that will be remembered by all for a long time!Students on Field Trip at Theater Upstairs at Theaterphoto

Computer Applications Class Creates PowerPoint Presentation

Block 2 Computer Class Applications learned basic PowerPoint techniques to present their vocabulary terms for Chapter 2. Shiso Go created this PowerPoint Presentation.


Geometry Goes 3-D

The students in Mrs. Sklarin’s geometry classes started their unit on 3-dimensional shapes.  The students created their 3-D solids from 2-dimensional nets.  This is the start of their unit on surface area and volume.

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