Generosity is Rewarding

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JoseChavezPMUnderclassman JimJiPMSeniorCongratulations to Jasmine Chee, Vivi Horup, Mr. Fisher, Jose Chavez, Jim Ji, and Owen Van Marter (not pictured) for receiving the Students and Teacher of the Month awards for “Generosity.” They have each volunteered their time, shown special generosity of spirit, or freely given to others to earn this honor. We thank them for setting such a fine example for our school community!


Mummies Invade Heritage


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5th/6th grade World Civilizations students learn about the process of Egyptian embalming by making apple mummies. Beware, the mummies will be exhumed March 21st!!! (Pictured are Owen, Luke, Calvin, and Brooke)

Tolerance is Rewarding for Students of the Month

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Georgi, Michael, Sam, Prince, Kevin, and Mrs. Wynne proudly display their awards for Tolerance! Congrats to the winners! We thank them for setting a fine example for all of us at Heritage Academy!

Pro Golfer Nick Faldo Tours Heritage

Heritage Academy students and staff were pleased to welcome professional golfer Nick Faldo to our campus! He graciously took time to speak with students about his experiences and to learn more about our school and the great programs we offer! We thank him for including us in his busy schedule!

Heritage Voice editor in chief, Santiago Diaz, is pleased to meet one of his heroes!

Heritage Voice editor- in- chief, Santiago Diaz, is pleased to meet one of his heroes!

5 NCAA Early Signers Shine!

Five Heritage seniors signed letters of intent to compete on NCAA Div. I or Div II golf teams for Fall 2015.  Heritage Academy hosted this capstone event as a recognition and celebration of scholarship and athleticism. Congratulations to five standouts who had a strategically-planned path to success in the college prep classroom and on the links. Ruling the fairways and greens on their collegiate teams are Charlie Spencer White (DePaul Univ.), Jasmine Chee (Western Michigan Univ.), Melany Chong ( Appalachian St. Univ.), Ankita Kedlaya (East Tennessee St. Univ.), and Nick Russell (Limestone College). fall '15 early signers

Research Paper and Library Field Trip


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All World Literature students are required to submit a research paper in MLA format.   The topic of each paper is a Nobel Prize winning author or poet.  Students will research their biographies, the culture of their country, and their literary achievements.  Students recently visited the Hilton Head Island Library to learn how to use their online Discus research resources.  The Discus research capabilities allow students online access not only to encyclopedias and biographies but also to magazine and newspaper articles.  The rough draft of research papers are due Monday, May 4.  The final draft of the research papers are due, Monday, May 18.  Power Point presentations on the research paper findings will be presented in class the week beginning Monday, May 25.

World Literature Poetry Unit

Blog Poetry

Students (left to right around the table) Maurizio De Bono, Ana Paula Valdes, and Gabby Teran study the poem The Guitar by Frederico Garcia Lorca while listening to classical Spanish guitar music.   While reading Freedom to Breath by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn the students listened to a classical Russian piano concerto.  The world literature poetry unit includes poetry from around the world.  The first part of the poetry unit included Tanka and Haiku from East Asia.  After the European part of the unit, the students will study poetry from the Americas.

Visiting Fish Haul Park

2nd field trip


The Marine Biology class was at it again!  This visit was to Fish Haul Park on Port Royal Sound where we looked at salt marsh and beach plants  and animals.   The class is preparing field guides to the island and needed to see and collect some marine life for their projects.  A great day in the mud!

Special Segments in Triangles

The Geometry students at Heritage Academy enjoyed their lesson on special segments in triangles.  They took part in a hands on lesson to bring the vocabulary to life. They folded different types of triangles in four different ways to create the special segments. The students used the tools of math in their construction to get the points of concurrency and find their hidden attributes. We found perpendicular bisectors create the circumcenter, which is the center of a circumscribed circle. We found angle bisectors create the incenter, which is the center of an inscribed circle. The medians connect at the center of gravity for the triangle called the centriod. Finally, the altitudes can be in, on, and outside the triangles. The vocabulary of geometry came alive and the folded triangles will make a great study tool for the upcoming test.

t.Geom special segmentsNick Geom

Triangle 5 Triangle 4 Triangle 3 Triangle 2 Triangle 1 Geom Special Segments 2Triangle 6


Be proud of your grades! 100% of Heritage Academy students who apply to a university are accepted at schools of their choice around the world. Differentiated programs make your achievements attainable.