Experiments in Statistics

The statistics classes at Heritage Academy conducted an experiment with paper helicopters. They predicted which helicopter would land faster, the short rotors or the long rotors. Students divided up into groups to create their helicopters. One student dropped the helicopters and the other timed the decent. The copters were dropped at random determined by the toss of a penny. The results showed that the length of the rotors is statistically significant; the short rotors landed 2 seconds faster on average.IMG_0095 IMG_0101 IMG_0093

Advanced Placement United States History Students Debate


Advanced Placement United States History Debate

Mr. Zawacki’s Advanced Placement United States History Class debates whether the United States was justified in the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Arguing for the Affirmative were students David Botti and J.T. Page and arguing for the negative were students Jiri Honajzer and Bria’ Sanders.

Heritage Crew Team has a benefit Bingo eve!!

The Heritage Crew Team had a successful bingo banquet and raised money for the team!  Congrats to all!!

Science Lab Exploring cells




After an initial introduction to microscope usage Mrs. Bass’ science students spent the class period making observations with microscopes, of various plant and animal cells.  Students were able to distinguish the basic differences between these cells and documented their sightings to their science journal. These “hands on” activities allowed for the freedom to choose from a number of cells and experiment with the various optical adjustments found on the microscope.



IMG_2415 IMG_2414 IMG_2413 IMG_2412

National Honor Society

Students meet to introduce new students to Heritage Academy!IMG_0720

Statistics Never Tasted So Good!

Mrs. Sklarin’s Statistics classes used M&Ms to demonstrate how to make bar graphs, pie charts, dot plots, and histograms.  The M&Ms tasted great too!

IMG_2409 IMG_2408 IMG_2407 IMG_2406 IMG_2410 IMG_2417 IMG_2416 IMG_2419 IMG_2418

Investment Results in Economics Class!

Congratulations to the top three investors in Ms. Hobson’s U.S. Government/Economics class.  Finishing in First Place is Shota Ozaki with a gain  of $18,548.03 (a record high).  Our Second Place winner is Tyler Berdy with a gain of $4,888.75, and finishing in Third Place is Chang Ju Lee with a profit of $2,811.81.  The following are quotes from the summary papers that these students wrote at the end of the project.

“I learned many things can affect the stock price, even if it is small news.”  Shota Ozaki

“I learned so much in this great investment project!”  Tyler Berdy

“It was a great experience for me to play this game for my future.”  Chang Ju Lee

Let the Review Begin – Finals are almost here.

Mrs. Sklarin’s students participated in a game of “GeoCaching” or “Alge2Caching ” from www.mathbits.com.  It is a web based game where the students search the internet to find 10 web pages.  They have to answer various math problems on each page in order to find the next page.  The first students to find all 10 boxes recieved a certificate.  Congratulations to the winners: Derrick and Sean tied in block 2;  Daniel won in block 4; and Phyllis won in block 5.



Geometry Goes 3-D

The students in Mrs. Sklarin’s geometry classes started their unit on 3-dimensional shapes.  The students created their 3-D solids from 2-dimensional nets.  This is the start of their unit on surface area and volume.

IMG_2214IMG_2215IMG_2213 IMG_2212 IMG_2211 IMG_2206 IMG_2204

Psychology Class Visits Memory Matters

When studying memory earlier this quarter, the psychology class spent an afternoon at Memory Matters.  Memory Matters is a very special place on  Hilton Head Island that offers a welcoming atmosphere for those suffering memory loss, while also providing a respite for caregivers.  The participants interact socially in a meaningful way through a variety of activities. Our students were able to participate in some of these activities, including several competitive games of Bingo and a fun “acting” and movement exercise.  The students also  interacted on an individual, one-on-one basis with the  participants during our visit.   This was a real-life learning experience that was highly valued by each student in the class.

Gabby and AP at MM Sam at MM w dog at MM DJ dancing at MM