IJGT Georgia Open at Savannah Harbor

Two Heritage students placed in the top 3 in their divisions at the IJGT Georgia Open at Savannah Harbor.

Vivian Yen (JPGA)  placed 2nd in the Girls’ Division.

Muhamad Izwan Zaini (IJGA) placed 3rd in the Boys’ Under 14 Division.

United States History Debate on Columbus


United States History

Students in Mr. Ted Zawacki’s United States History class have concluded their debate on whether Christopher Columbus was a terrorist or a hero and whether we should celebrate “Indigenous Day” instead.  Class members debating were: Dan Byrne, Chloe Corbitt, Jason Hijazi, Brian Kim, Luis Martinez Graces, Ryan Pongrac, Pongkhun Prommart, Victor Sanchez Gallegos and Linda Trockel. Missing from the photo is photographer Chloe Corbitt.

April Students and Teacher of the Month Honored for Effort

AKSeniorSOMApril AmmyUPmSeniorSOMEffort AnnikaDoggerMiddleSchoolApril MadisonDillonAMAprilEffort MrsBiggsAprilTeacherofMonth VikashAprilSOMPMUnderclassman

Last Thursday marked  our final Students and Teacher of the Month Assembly for the school year! Each person honored has shown consistent effort at school throughout this year. Congratulations to the April winners! Keep up the excellent work!

Top Left: Aniruddh Kedlaya-AM Senior

Top Right: Ammy Uenghiranpaisan-PM Senior

Middle Left: Annika Dogger-Middle School

Middle Right: Madison Dillon-AM Underclassman

Bottom Left: Mrs. Laurie Biggs-Teacher

Bottom Right: Vikash Singh-PM Underclassman


Pre-Alg and Algebra Classes


Such hard workers and so early in the morning.

Ted is working hard.

Ted is working hard.

I love the way our classes learn.  They all work so well together and challenge each other to do even better.  We are learning and also having fun doing it with making our own jeopardy games, playing some of them and also working on projects and basic skills.

United States History Students Study The Mexican War


The students in Mr. Zawacki’s United States History Class have recently completed their study of the Mexican War of 1846-48. Some of the highlights discussed were the Battles at the Alamo and San Jacinto and the influence of Sam Houston.

Generosity is Rewarding

JasmineCheeSeniorViviHorupAMUnderclassman MrFisher


JoseChavezPMUnderclassman JimJiPMSeniorCongratulations to Jasmine Chee, Vivi Horup, Mr. Fisher, Jose Chavez, Jim Ji, and Owen Van Marter (not pictured) for receiving the Students and Teacher of the Month awards for “Generosity.” They have each volunteered their time, shown special generosity of spirit, or freely given to others to earn this honor. We thank them for setting such a fine example for our school community!


Springing along in pre-algebra

With the arrival of spring our class has been working on projects that keep us focused on trips. 20160201_084745

The guys love to have their pictures taken while hard at work.  And…..may I add they are all such good workers, so dedicated.  I could not have asked for a finer group of young men to work with.

20160321_08385820160201_08480520160201_084811This group is so dedicated to their passion and work they are all bound to be a success.

United States History Students Study Women and the Progressive Movement


In Mr. Zawacki’s United States History class, Angela Aung and Anna Letto are shown explaining the historical contributions to the Women’s Progressive Movement. Susan B. Anthony and others were highlighted in the struggle to strive for Suffrage, Temperance and Equal Opportunity.

Advanced Placement United States History Students Debate World War I

World War I

Mr. Zawacki’s Advanced Placement United States History students debated the topic “Should the United States have entered World War I?” Students representing the Affirmative side were Clayton North and Arthur Yeager. The Negative position was represented by Colton Tanner and Will White. Judges for the Debate were fellow students from Mrs. Butterworth’s Journalism 2 class.