Economics Stock Market Game


Stock Market BullEconomics students emerged as the leaders of Mr. Ted Zawacki’s Stock Market Game. The game taught a realistic approach to daily investing with it unpredictability and volatility. Twenty-three students were actively and enthusiastically engaged. Charles Spencer-White managed the highest return on his investments. He was followed closely by Alexander Vegh, Will White and Kyung Hwan Chung.

World Geography Class Enjoys a Taste of Japan!

Geography Field Trip


As part of our study of Asia, Ms. Hobson’s World Geography class enjoyed dinner at Hinoki’s and sampled Japanese cuisine.

National Honor Society Induction and Officer Installation 12-9-2014

The Heritage Academy Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted five new members and installed new officers on the evening of Tuesday, December 9, 2014. The ceremony was held at Heritage Academy in one of our classrooms.   We had a wonderful violinist play several times throughout the ceremony. Several of our current NHS members spoke about the four pillars of membership; Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service.  After the ceremony we adjourned to the library for dinner catered by Kurama.  The students really enjoyed the sushi, eating it all. The chapter officers cut and delivered pieces of cake to everyone to cap off the evening. I am happy to congratulate the new members and our new officers!

Officers hard at work Amelie Playing at NHS Cake Lily Kelly Jasmine Hammerschmidt Dinner Congratulations from Head of School Amelie The Pledge The NHS Fall 2014 Chapter The New Members Fall 2014 Teachers Officer Installation Passing the Candle Officers 2014 Officer Installations NHS take 2 Fall 2014

U.S. History Class Explores Ft. Sumter

Ms. Hobson’s U.S. History class recently visited Ft. Sumter, Charleston, SC – where the Civil War began in April, 1861.  This visit enabled the students to have a first-hand historical experience during our study of the  U.S. Civil War.IMG_20141110_102205874_HDR

Heritage Crew team prepares for regatta

Will does work for Crew team

Will White prepares one of the Crew team’s boats for the Regatta in Augusta, GA


Special Segments in Triangles

The Geometry students at Heritage Academy enjoyed their lesson on special segments in triangles.  They took part in a hands on lesson to bring the vocabulary to life. They folded different types of triangles in four different ways to create the special segments. The students used the tools of math in their construction to get the points of concurrency and find their hidden attributes. We found perpendicular bisectors create the circumcenter, which is the center of a circumscribed circle. We found angle bisectors create the incenter, which is the center of an inscribed circle. The medians connect at the center of gravity for the triangle called the centriod. Finally, the altitudes can be in, on, and outside the triangles. The vocabulary of geometry came alive and the folded triangles will make a great study tool for the upcoming test.

t.Geom special segmentsNick Geom

Triangle 5 Triangle 4 Triangle 3 Triangle 2 Triangle 1 Geom Special Segments 2Triangle 6

A Theater Experience

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Ms. Bradley’s Lit & Analysis students and Ms. Hobson’s AP Literature students attended the Arts Center’s production of To Kill a Mockingbird.  It was a rewarding cultural experience for the 40 students who attended the production.  Students were able to see a favorite novel come alive before their eyes.  We were especially pleased to have an opportunity to see one of our teachers, Ms. Zmarzly, performing in the play!  Afternoon students made a stop for lunch before returning to school for classes, while morning students journeyed on to their afternoon training activities.  It was a very special day that will be remembered by all for a long time!Students on Field Trip at Theater Upstairs at Theaterphoto

Heritage Academy’s Rei Nakatani leads a sustainability effort.

This past weekend Rei Nakatani, a Heritage Academy student, lead a group of peers to volunteer with the Experience Green Sustainability in Golf conference and 1st annual Community Walk here on Hilton Head Island, SC.   The purpose of the conference and walk was to raise awareness and to encourage everyone to work toward ways of building a sustainable community.  People, planet and prosperity are all the building blocks for a successful community.

rei and jasmine experience green

Rei was named to the Steering Committee of this organization in order to become an agent of change and to advocate for sustainable practices.  She along with her peers, Jasmine Chee, Kelly Whaley and Rhea Bhagia, have a long term goal of bringing a recycling program to Heritage Academy and to the entire Junior Sports Corporation.

rhea and Mrs. Tuscherer at Expereincee green walk


Rei enjoyed seeing first hand how biodegradable golf balls filled with fish food could be a great option to the standard golf ball in a sustainable community.

Rei enjoyed seeing first hand how biodegradable golf balls filled with fish food could be a great option to the standard golf ball in a sustainable community.