Glogster mania in ESL World History

Students in ESL World History are becoming very talented in presenting information through the use of glogs.DSCN8067 DSCN8089 DSCN8093 DSCN8090 DSCN8088 DSCN8066 DSCN8090 DSCN8092

Heritage Students lead food drive for Deep Well Project

Heritage students lead food drive for Deep Well Project

In anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday last week, several Heritage Academy students proudly represented the academy and Junior Sports Corporation with their dedicated involvement in the Deep Well Project, a volunteer-based non-profit located on Hilton Head Island, S.C. The Deep Well Project, in action since 1973, has a mission to “help neighbors in need by providing basic assistance in emergency situations.”

Kayla KozakClementina RodriguezJasmine CheeMaurizio De Bono and Lizzy Tupamahu all put forth honorable and selfless efforts to help those in need by spear-heading a community service food drive within the Heritage Academy and Junior Sports Corporation’s housing campuses. The drive, which took place from Nov. 18-25, 2013, was a huge success with a total of 471 non-perishable items being collected.

Heritage Students lead food drive for Deep Well Project

Kozak (left) and Rodriguez (right) handled publicity for the Deep Well Project food drive.


Kozak and Rodriguez (pictured above) handled all of the publicity for the two-week span leading up to and during the community service event. Kozak made announcements about the drive and Rodriguez made posters, which were spread out over the two campuses and JSC offices.

Chee, De Bono and Tupamahu (pictured below) were also essential to the event, as they helped count and deliver the hundreds of donated items to the Deep Well Project headquarters.

Heritage Students lead food drive for Deep Well Project

Left to right: De Bono, Chee and Tupamahu help count and deliver donated items.


The Deep Well Project provides assistance all over the island in a variety of ways — ranging from providing school uniforms to underprivileged children, helping with a rent payment for a family or individual between jobs, repairing a building or home’s wheelchair ramp through their Housing Repair Program, and providing groceries and warm meals to those in need.

Left to right: De Bono, Chee and Tupamahu help count and deliver donated items.

Ms. Hobson's Government/Economics Class's Investment Game




This quarter the class is involved in participating in a virtual reality investment game.  Each student was “given” $100,000 to invest in the stock market.  Students research their investments and then buy and sell stock according to their research. At the end of the five-week period, prizes are awarded for the top investors.  Students also are required to write an evaluation of their personal experiences with investments, including what they have learned from the project.  This is a fun way to experience the real world of stocks and investments!

As part of this activity, the students participated in the commodities exchange on the Friday before the Thanksgiving Break with a game of PIT.  They actually traded and competed to control the market on one particular commodity.  The result was almost as lively as that taking place on  the actual floor of the commodities exchange!

photo 4photo 2photo 1 photo 3

The Victorious MarketBulls of Mr. Zawacki’s Economics Class!!


Pictured here are 2nd Place Winner James Hammond and 1st place Champion Will Miles. They emerged as the victorious MarketBulls from the Stock Market Game played and just recently completed during the second quarter of their Economics class.  In their own words, James and Will had this to say about the experience they and their classmates had while learning about the Stock Market: This game was about our class learning how the Stock Market functions. It really demonstrated to our class how volatile the Stock Market can be and to keep your money safe you need to invest in Blue-Chip stocks. One key principle of making money is buying a stock when it is low and selling the stock when it is high. Our class really enjoyed the game and we look forward to investing our own money in the real market.



National Honor Society Inductees 2013


The Heritage Academy  National Honor Society Inductees for 2013 are …

Margaret Ashmore, Jasmine Chee, Lillian Green, Will White, Clementina Rodriguez and Lita Huber


National Honor Society Members



The current members of The  National Honor Society of Heritage Academy give a warm welcome to the fall 2013 NHS Inductees.  New members are Will White, Clementina Rodriguez, Lita Huber,Lillian Green, Jasmine Chee and Margaret Ashmore.

Returning members of the NHS are Matthew White, Kelly Whaley, Rebecca Warth, Phyllis Tang, Bria Sanders, JT Page, Sydney Nix, Jack O’Koniewski, Maddy Metzger and DJ Green. Congratulations to all our great scholar athletes!


United States History Classes Learn About Hilton Head Island

History Presentation

The 3rd Block classes of Mr. Jonathan Johns and Mr. Ted Zawacki hosted a teaching seminar by Mr. Lou Benfante of the Heritage Library who spoke on the History of Hilton Head Island. A power point presentation detailed a thorough background of Hilton Head Island from the 1500’s to Present Day. Students became familiar with William Hilton, the significance of Port Royal Plantation, Daufuskie Island, Fort Mitchell, Zion Chapel, the History of the Gullah Community, Spanish Wells and the significance of cotton, indigo and rice in the early development of Hilton Head Island. The influence of Charles Frasier was emphasized as well as the significance of the Lighthouse in Sea Pines Plantation. Mr. Benfante proved himself to be an enlightened speaker and authority on Hilton Head Island.

Spanish students love world languages!

Jasmine Chee, Pear Siriko and Keanu Hasmana  have fun learning and speaking Spanish and many other languages as well!


Photo Inspiration from Coligny Beach

Mrs.  Bass’s Advanced Art class traveled to Coligny Beach on Wednesday, November 13 for a photo experience. Each student was responsible for obtaining photos in two categories: Portraits and Landscapes/seascapes.  We had some  heavy sprinkles to contend with but otherwise he class was very successful in the execution of the photos.  Students photographed each other, strangers on the beach and waves, surf and dunes.  Time was also spent sketching some of their photos. It was a very successful experience.  Students are now using their photos for class projects which should be on display on the school walls in the future.

Advanced art Beach 010 (2) Advanced art Beach 015 (5) Advanced art Beach 016 (2) Advanced art Beach 018 (2)



Pointillism Begining Art

Begining art class’s study of Impressionism has led us to Seurat and his pointillism.

Students were to choose a photograph, either there own or one off the internet, and translate it into adrawing that they could them fill with points of color.  These colors will blend from a distance to form a subject.

When I displayed them, one of the teachers liked it so much she asked the student if she could purchase it .  For BlogDSCF1497 Jerri Pautler/Begining Art