Sonnet Day in Literary Analysis

Congratulations to all students in Mrs. Bradley’s Literary Analysis class who prepared creative sonnets after studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!   Each male student wrote a sonnet to “Juliet” while each female student wrote to “Romeo.”  Requirements included correct form for  Shakespearean sonnet, iambic pentameter, specific rhyme, previous vocabulary words, and a theme for each quatrain. They did an excellent job!

Speech Communications

First speeches are always scary, but practice makes perfect! Topics ranged from “Why Competitive Dance is a Sport” to “The History of Pizza.” Students chose their own topics, engaged in research, and practiced with Mrs. Butterworth before Speech Day. Everyone did an outstanding job!

Literature and Writing

Students in Mrs. Butterworth’s Literature and Writing class drew their interpretation of the setting for the novel Holes. The students had a great time with this project! Students used the internet for inspiration. These wonderful drawings are on display in the upstairs hallway for all to see and appreciate! Great work, class!

Physical Science

engineering septemberPhysical Science made their first design project this month. Next month they will be designing an energy-efficient, mixed-use building while learning about forces, energy and waves.

September 11 Six-Word Memoirs

IMAG0387-1IMAG0388-1  IMAG0389-1

Mrs. Zmarzly’s Middle School Language Arts class read memoirs about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Some of the writers included survivors, family members of victims, President George W. Bush, and first responders. In response to these tragic stories, students wrote their own six-word memoirs.

United States History Class


Students in Mr. Zawacki’s United States History Class have debated the following questions: Was the American Revolution inevitable? Or could the Thirteen Colonies have remained attached to Britain for many years and then peacefully achieved their independence as the British colonies of Canada and Australia later did? How would the “meaning of America” have been different without this violent revolt from the mother country?



Beginning Art Class

Chickens web 2

Chickens web


For National Chicken Month the Beginning Art Classes completed a Colored Pencil Drawing of a Chicken. Enjoy.

Heritage Academy Class of 2013

36 to Graduate at Heritage Commencement


Each year at the end of May there is a bittersweet moment for the teachers and administrators at Heritage Academy.  It’s the passing of an incredible milestone for many students, and the time to say goodbye as they step out of our doors and into the world forever.  Many will continue to pursue the passions that brought them to Heritage Academy in the first place.  Others will pursue passions and ambitions outside of their curriculum, but will surely meet success along the way.

This year’s class embodies that feeling even more greatly than classes past.  The Class of 2013 features some of the greatest talent that we have seen.  And, many of them will be attending colleges in the fall that prove it:

      • Yale University – golf
      • Notre Dame University – golf
      • Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo – golf
      • Purdue University – golf
      • Bucknell University – tennis
      • University of South Carolina – golf
      • UCLA – swimming
      • New York University – visual arts (film)
      • Western Carolina University – golf
      • Lynn University – golf
      • University of Central Florida – golf
      • James Madison University – golf
      • Boston University – tennis
      • East Carolina University – tennis
      • Texas A & M – golf
      • Elon University – golf
      • Western Michigan – tennis
      • University of Colorado – Colorado Springs – golf
      • Randolph College – equestrian
      • Quinnipiac University – golf
      • Darton College – golf
      • Queens College of Charlotte – golf
      • University of Tampa – golf
      • Randolph College – equestrian
      • University of Charleston – golf
      • University of Mobile – golf
      • University of NC – Greensboro – golf


It’s an incredible list and one that we couldn’t begin to express how proud it makes us.  Here’s to this year’s graduating class!


October HOPE in PINK Raises Awareness

October PINK

Spearheaded by Senior Alana Brand and Junior Bria’ Sanders, October’s “HOPE in PINK” campaign draws supporters of breast cancer awareness and philanthropy. HOPE permeates the halls of Heritage with weekly bake sales; pink clothing contests; bracelet, ribbons, and footprint sales; and other ways to raise funds for breast cancer research and to remind us all that this disease touches every one of us through family or friendship. Thank you, Alana and Bria’, for your time and dedication to such a wonderful cause, and thank you, Heritage school community, for supporting this with your participation and generosity! HOPE…IS ALIVE. Think Pink!

OLIVER! Don’t Miss MSYT’s Newest Show


Starring actress Tara Bianco and IJTA’s David Pullon…it’s the musical, Oliver, live at Main Street Youth Theater. Come one, come all to see this delightful rendition of a Dickens classic. Performances Oct. 3-7. Reduced prices for Heritage school family. Tickets available from Ms. Sprouse.