National Down Syndrome Hilton Head Buddy Walk

Nineteen students in the Heritage Academy Community Service Club Hosts a Tent, “Welcome to The Great Pumpkin Patch”, at the annual Buddy Walk.

buddy walk photo Fall 2013


Heritage Academy MarketBulls


Stock Market Bull

Mr. Ted Zawacki’s Economics class has begun their Stock Market Game. Each student begins with $10,000 for an Investment Portfolio. Their interest lie in the areas of how each company makes its money, the things that affect  the performance of the stock and the examination of the company’s income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. The game ends on Friday, November 22nd.

Walter Mitty visits Heritage Academy

Mrs. Zmarzly’s middle school Language Arts class read the short story, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber (1939). They then rewrote the short story as a play. Each student submitted scenes from the play, contributed props  and scenery, and acted out the play for Mr. Powell’s and Ms. Bradley’s high school  English classes. Each student then wrote both concrete poetry and diamante poetry to describe the life of our poor hero, Walter Mitty.


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Floral Still Lifes

The beginning art classes have painted the same still-life in two medias.  They learned that acrylic paint and water color paint act differently and create a different look to the same subject.

British Literature Studies Macbeth

Playbill Lee Playbill Sydney Playbill Natalie

Block 2 British Literature students created the cover for a Playbill Magazine for Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  They also chose the cast to portray the characters using modern-day entertainment personalities.  Leonardo DiCaprio was by far the most popular actor!

Sonnet Day in Literary Analysis

Congratulations to all students in Mrs. Bradley’s Literary Analysis class who prepared creative sonnets after studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!   Each male student wrote a sonnet to “Juliet” while each female student wrote to “Romeo.”  Requirements included correct form for  Shakespearean sonnet, iambic pentameter, specific rhyme, previous vocabulary words, and a theme for each quatrain. They did an excellent job!

Speech Communications

First speeches are always scary, but practice makes perfect! Topics ranged from “Why Competitive Dance is a Sport” to “The History of Pizza.” Students chose their own topics, engaged in research, and practiced with Mrs. Butterworth before Speech Day. Everyone did an outstanding job!

Literature and Writing

Students in Mrs. Butterworth’s Literature and Writing class drew their interpretation of the setting for the novel Holes. The students had a great time with this project! Students used the internet for inspiration. These wonderful drawings are on display in the upstairs hallway for all to see and appreciate! Great work, class!

Physical Science

engineering septemberPhysical Science made their first design project this month. Next month they will be designing an energy-efficient, mixed-use building while learning about forces, energy and waves.

September 11 Six-Word Memoirs

IMAG0387-1IMAG0388-1  IMAG0389-1

Mrs. Zmarzly’s Middle School Language Arts class read memoirs about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Some of the writers included survivors, family members of victims, President George W. Bush, and first responders. In response to these tragic stories, students wrote their own six-word memoirs.