Heritage Math Team Competes in Sumter

The 2014 Heritage Academy Math Team competed in the South Carolina Independent School Association High School State Math Meet on Wednesday, January 15 in Sumter.  The pictured five person team did a wonderful job representing Heritage Academy.  We had a fun time and enjoyed the pizza lunch. The math competition included a 50 question multiple choice test followed by a five question speed round for each student.  Each student had an hour to complete the test and one minute for each of the five questions presented during the speed round.  Calculators were allowed during the test but not on the speed round.  The students earned one point for each question they answered correctly on the test and up to three points for each correct answer during the speed round.

I am proud to congratulate the Heritage Academy High Point Winner: Will!


The sponsors Mrs. Sklarin and Mrs. Dimmling want to thank these five students for their participation in this wonderful event.Math Team 2014