Olympics – It is all about the Data

Mrs. Sklarin’s statistics classes held their own version of the Olympics on Monday, Feb 23. Each student came up with an event idea that would last about a minute and could be described by a normal curve. They invited the other students in the school to come and take part in the events. It was a fun way to produce and collect data! We had several events to participate in including: paper plane flight, jump rope, paper ball basket, golf ball juggle, tennis ball juggle, volleyball bounce, popcorn move, raisin toss, candy box, pencil toss, write the numbers, press the button, and balloon float. The participants had fun competing in these unusual events and the statistics students had fun watching the data be created. The next step for the statistics students is to organize the data into a graph and describe it. Then they will calculate the statistics to go along with it and create the normal curve associated with their statistics. Winners, determined by z-score totals, will be announced on Friday, Feb 27.

IMG_2318 IMG_2317 IMG_2316 IMG_2313 (800x600) IMG_2312 (800x600) IMG_2304 (800x600) IMG_2303 IMG_2302 IMG_2299 (800x600) IMG_2284 (800x600) IMG_2288 (800x600) IMG_2276 IMG_2264 IMG_2260 (800x600) IMG_2256 (800x600) IMG_2250 (800x600)IMG_2253 IMG_2249 IMG_2247