Personal Narrative for Mrs. Biggs’s Composition Class


March 15, 2016

Bike Accident

I loved to ride my bike when I was young. Two years ago I looked at one bike that I really wanted. I told my dad, but my dad didn’t want to pay for the bike, because he said I had too many bikes already. I decided to go to work and pay for the bike myself. A few weeks after I got my bike, I had a terrible accident. I learned it was very important to choose the right size of bike. I still love riding my bike.

It is good to pay for something yourself. I decided to find a job after my dad said he wasn’t going to pay for my bike. I went to many restaurants to asked for a job. At first, I told the restaurant manager I was just going to work for two months, they said they wanted to offer a long term position. One day, I went to the post office with my friend, I was walking around while I was waiting for her. I saw one shop was still opened, so I went into the shop and asked for a job. The owner offered me for the job because she needed more people to work for her. I was really happy because I finally found work and could get the bike. During work, I cooked, cleaned, served, and delivered the food. It was NT150 per hour, so I had to work at least one month to have the money to pay for the bike. I worked 5 or 6 hours per day, if I worked more, then I would get more pay. After the first month, I had enough money for the bike. I went to the bike shop and choose the bike and ordered it. I got my bike before my birthday. It was the first gift I brought for myself with my own money.

It is very important to be careful. I had a bike accident a few weeks after I got my bike. I remembered it was lunch time, I was on my way back from the dumpling shop. I was riding on the road fast and next thing I remembered I was on the floor. When I opened my eyes there was a guy pulling me up. I couldn’t remember much about what happened. I didn’t tell anyone what happened, but my mom saw that something was wrong. later that night I told her what happened. My dad got really mad, because I should’ve I told him earlier, but I didn’t. We immediately went to the hospital and I had a MRI done for my brain. The doctor said, “He might have hit his head when he fell down, so that’s why he couldn’t remembered what happened.” I crashed in front of the bus station, so the good thing is there weren’t any buses there during that time or I could be dead now.

I learned that we shouldn’t ever choose the wrong size bike. When I was choosing my bike, I thought, “I’m good at riding bikes.” I told the owner that I would grow, so I wanted the bigger one and it looked better. So I choose the bike that was not the correct fit for me. It was too big and long for me. This was the major reason for that accident. I lost control for the bike. I only have the front break, the reason why I didn’t put the rear break on it was because it looked stupid, also it would hurt the wheel. I pressed the front break too hard, so the back wheel came up and I got flipped over. I went to find my friend after the accident, and he looked up the bike for me, and he told me it was the wrong size. I told me dad about this, so he decided let me buy a new body for my bike. In total I spent around $1000 on that bike.

Sometimes people have to learn a lesson. I learned a really good lesson from this accident, I learned not to ever choose the wrong size bike. The wrong size bike might cost you to have a dangerous accident. I realized everything is not just for good looks, it has to be useful and safe.