Probability Activites with Statistics

Mrs. Sklarin’s second block statistics class had fun with probability in class on Friday. They used M&Ms to simulate how many girls a family with 5 children would have. The results were 2 – 3 girls were most likely and 5 girls least likely. They also rolled “weird dice” where one die had four sides with a 0 and two sides of 11. The other die had four sides with 3 and two sides with 9. When rolled the dice the die with the higher number would win. The students conducted a simulation to see which die would be the winner. Finally the students conducted a simulation to determine how many boxes of cereal I would have to buy to ensure my nephew Blake would get all six of the colored guitars inside. They had fun rolling the die and tossing the M&Ms. Probability came alive.

IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0104