Statictics Classes Experiment with Helicopters

Mrs. Sklarin’s statistics classes began their unit on experiments. They are learning about how control, randomness, and replication are used in conducting experiments. They are also investigating how “equal treatment for all,” is all about the details. This week they took to the outdoors with paper helicopters they made in class. The made two helicopters; one with long rotors and one with short rotors. They investigated which would have a longer flight time. They tossed a coin to determine which copter would be dropped first. Every drop had to be made from the same height and timed in the same way. We had a few lurking variables interfere with the drops. The wind picked up at one point and the helicopters ran into some students while they were picking up their fallen copters and other flew into the growing vines. After ten drops with each copter the students got to work on their calculators creating graphs and calculating summary statistics. The results showed that the short rotor helicopters’ flight times were significantly shorter.

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