Heritage Academy offers a college prep program designed to promote academic excellence while enhancing the opportunity for students to maximize their potential in areas of individual interest associated with athletics, the arts, or research and scholarship. Heritage Academy requires that each student be involved in a formal training program with an approved partner, or seek approval from the Head of School for an individualized program in their area of interest, or passion area. High school students are required to participate in fifteen (15) hours of training and middle school students are required to be involved in seven (7) hours of training per week.

Heritage Academy has partnerships with the following organizations. Students who are not involved with one of the following partners will need to have an individualized program and weekly schedule approved by the Head of School.

International Junior Golf Academy

The International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) trains junior golfers for success in tournament golf and beyond. We are the only academy in the world that combines training, academics, and competition. Through our supportive and competitive environment, students develop the critical qualities of commitment, goal setting and a consistent work ethic to best impact their academics, golf, and future endeavors.

Junior Players Golf Academy

Junior Players Golf Academy (JPGA) – Golf Schools and Camps We operate a full-time junior golf academy located on beautiful and prestigious Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We believe in a well balanced approach to our junior golf academy students, as well as life lessons, and a dedication to the well-rounded success of your son or daughter is our ultimate goal. Our team of highly experienced golf coaches provide individual training and focus on each and every student who attends our junior golf school. A key differentiating factor of our boutique junior golf school is that our students have an opportunity to compete in over 9 nationally ranked golf tournaments throughout the southeast. This opportunity further develops the skills and confidence of each and every student.

La Loma Golf Academy/Arete School

BGGA La Loma is a full-time junior golf academy in San Luis Potosi, Mexico working in conjunction with Arete School. Together they develop the student’s golf game as well as equipping each student with the skills they need to grow academically and physically. The best word that describes the program at BGGA La Loma is “individual.” We do not give multiple students the same program because everyone has different strengths, tendencies, experiences, and areas of improvement. Therefore, we provide an environment that allows each student to be his or her very best in a consistent atmosphere.

Rose Dhu Equestrian

Providing first-class riding and jumping instruction for all levels. Students are prepared by highly qualified trainers to compete in various exhibitions and tournaments.

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy

Smith Stearns Tennis Academy was developed to prepare junior athletes for the highest level of competition possible in both collegiate and professional tennis. We promote a family atmosphere of intense training, camaraderie, and fun. The Smith Stearns approach speaks for itself as we have developed numerous state, sectional, national, and international champions over the years, as well as having one of the strongest college placement programs in the country.

Van Der Meer Tennis Academy

Van Der Meer Tennis Academy has an integrated approach and commitment to academics, on-court training, physical training, mental toughness, nutrition, and tournament scheduling. Injury prevention is practiced and coaches personally assist players in every facet of their development.