The Virtual Campus@Heritage Academy

 – a exciting new approach to learning

A real classroom


Our skilled teachers get to know each student, understanding how they learn most effectively and ensuring that they are progressing at the expected rate. Sometimes students may need additional help to progress, this can be accessed with a ‘one on one’  session with the teacher or even by them contacting a classmate and working through a task together.

Appreciation of passion

Our teachers know that as well as wanting to achieve the best academically your students also have a passion. Our teachers are not only interested in their passions, but they will enable the students to continue their studies even if they are at a competition. For example, if a tee time is at the same time as a US Government class we are able to support this. Students do not miss any learning as classes are recorded and the resources and assignments are posted on our student portal – PowerSchool.

Part of a class

As a student, they will be able to see their class from their laptop or a larger screen and the teachers and class will be able to see them too. As soon as the teacher and classmates welcomes the Virtual Campus students to the class they will feel they are part of a school community and not learning on their own.

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