School Profile

E. Amanda Williams O’Nan Head of School
Betsey Castellano Director of Student Services
Tina Sprouse Director of Admissions

Heritage Academy, a private coeducational school for grades 6-12 on Hilton Head Island, SC, is fully accredited by SCISA and COGNIA. Heritage Academy has attracted students from over 14 states and 18 countries who come to take advantage of the school’s unique academic program and philosophy. A requirement for admission to Heritage is the demonstrated pursuit of an extracurricular passion. Student combine the strong academic curriculum at Heritage with intensive after-school programs in their area of interest, predominately at one of Hilton Head’s outstanding athletic academies or in the arts. The opportunity for students to study and engage in broader learning with a diverse group of motivated peers gives Heritage Academy a unique culture and environment. Heritage Academy is also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the European Council of International Schools (ECIS).

Mission Statement

To provide a personalized educational program in a stimulating, supportive learning environment for students pursuing outside professional training in athletics and the arts.


At Heritage Academy, we believe that a small, caring community of diverse, highly-trained professionals working with students who seek to develop a passion in life creates an ideal learning environment. We respect research suggesting the students can reach full potential in analytical thinking, creative expression, and civic responsibility when the walls of the traditional classroom are extended beyond the school facility. Our students are actively engaged in learning as accomplished scholars, artists, and athletes whether in the classroom or pursuing extracurricular passions.


Our curriculum is designed for students seeking a US college preparatory diploma. The solid academic expectations, the credits required, and the level of instruction at Heritage Academy meet or exceed SCISA / COGNIA guidelines, university admissions criteria, and NCAA Eligibility Center standards.

Block Scheduling

Heritage Academy uses a block scheduling model. The academic year is divided into two semesters. Most students take three courses each semester, allowing them to complete six credits per year. Each course is scheduled for 90 minutes. Students receive one credit for each high school course they pass. The student-faculty ratio is 8:1.

Graduation Requirements

Heritage Academy students are required to earn a minimum of 21 credits in grades 9-12. In addition, students will participate in their extracurricular passion.

English 4 credits
to include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
3 credits
Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
3 credits
Social Studies
to include US History, Government, Economics
3 credits
Languages 2 credits
to include courses in core classes
4 credits
Fine Arts 1 credits
Physical Education 1 credit

Grading Scale / GPA

Heritage Academy uses the following grading scale and counts quality points from all schools the student has attended. Grade point averages are calculated on academic core course taken in grades 9-12 only. Academic core courses include English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Languages. Courses are weighted for GPA purposes: 0.5 for Honors and 1.0 for AP courses.

A+ 97-100 B+ 87-89 C+ 77-79 D+ 67-69
A 93-96 B 83-86 C 73-76 D 63-66
A- 90-92 B- 80-82 C- 70-72 D- 60-62

Honors and Advanced Placement

Heritage Academy offers honors opportunities and Advanced Placement courses for qualified students. Students may earn advanced credit for satisfactorily completing an honors strand of the following courses: Literary Analysis & Composition, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History & US History, Spanish 1, 2, 3, French 1, 2, 3, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus. Students automatically earn advanced credit for successfully completing completing the following courses: Advanced Biology, Calculus, and any 4th year languages. Advanced Placement courses are rotated to include AP courses in: Art, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Environmental Science, English Literature, Government, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, US History, Microeconomics, and Psychology. All AP students are required to take AP exams in order to receive AP credit.

Senior Class Profile

The class of 2020 equals 23 students.

Class Rank

Class rank is not determined due to small class size.

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0 Countries
0 Credits to Graduate
0 AP & Honors Courses