Why Heritage?

Your Grades.

There’ s nothing holding you back. Be proud with programs that provide you the strategy, the resources, and flexibility you need. With a faculty who understands and supports your passion, you can balance the demands of school with your life’s demands. Heritage Academy ensures your success by providing comprehensive support to build the future of your dreams.

Your Passion.

Your destiny is in your control. Be proud when you have the ability to pursue your passion while meeting the demands for collegiate academic eligibility. 100% of Heritage Academy students who apply are accepted at the college of their choice, and the majority of them receive academic or athletic scholarships. Pave the way to your collegiate success and beyond with Heritage Academy.

Your Achievements.

Your chance is now. Be proud when you are accepted to the collegiate program of your choice. The instruction you receive at Heritage Academy will prepare you for success through rigorous instruction, high expectations, and outstanding support to ensure your success.

  • Local, national, and international students grades 7-12 from 27 countries and 28 states.
  • Scholar-athletes and performing artists who are training academically and athletically to earn a spot on an NCAA sports team or arts program.
  • Students who aspire to attend the college of their choice–be it an Ivy League or state university.
  • Students whose goal it is to complete high school graduation requirements in three years via our Fast Track High School Academics Program
  • ESL post-grads who are preparing for academics at a U.S. college
  • Grades 7-12
  • Small class size with an average of 8 and a maximum of 15
  • Block Scheduling
  • ESL, College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement classes
  • Community partners in athletics and arts
  • An international student population
  • Personalized college placement services
  • !-20 authorization

“Courtney is having a great time and is working hard at her studies. She is finally happy to be around other athletes who are there for the same reason she is; to be able to develop her passion and receive a great education!” – Kim Collett, Parent of Courtney, a current senior swimmer