Academic Support Center

Proctored Classroom for Missed Exams

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides additional support to students pursuing their extra-curricular passions and tournament travel by providing a systematized environment for make-up testing. The ASC teacher will proctor make-up tests for students with approval and in coordination with their instructor. Students in the morning program will make up tests during 4th block, mid-morning students will make up tests during 1st block, and mid-day students will make up tests during 2nd block. Students who are enrolled in more than three classes can arrange alternative testing times. Students must sign up directly with the ASC learning specialist. 24-hour advanced notice is required.

Helping Students Excel in the Academic Support Center

Heritage Academy students visit the Academic Support CenterThe purpose of the Academic Support Center (ASC) at Heritage Academy is to ensure that each individual student’s learning needs are addressed to help meet the unique and vigorous challenges of Heritage Academy’s curriculum with success and a sense of competence. Academic assistance is available to any student who is having academic difficulty at Heritage, with a particular focus on serving students with learning differences.  The Academic Support Center helps to ensure each student’s learning needs are addressed.

*All students, including students diagnosed with a learning difference, must meet the same requirements for admission and promotion at Heritage Academy.

The ASC is directed by a learning specialist who provides support to students who have been identified and assessed with specific learning needs in sixth through twelfth grade. The learning specialist provides differentiated learning support, comprehensive academic resources, monitoring of assessments, and advocacy for the students. The focus is on helping students successfully navigate Heritage Academy’s curricular expectations and maximize academic potential.

Modified testing procedures can only be utilized by students who have the accommodation approved in their student support plan. Students who are granted accommodations are eligible for using the ASC.

Reasonable accommodation may include one or more of the following:

  • extended testing time and writing assignments
  • small group testing in a room with reduced distractions
  • modified test
  • the assistance of a reader and/or scribe
  • oral testing
  • support for time management, projects, test and quiz preparation
  • use of voice recognition software
  • use of spelling and grammar assistive devices when permitted
  • use of a calculator when permitted
  • assistance with written expression
  • organizational skills support

“The flexibility, making up tests, and meeting with teachers is what’s best about Heritage Academy.”

Madison Dillon

Alumni, Class of 2019