A School for Students to Find Academic and Passions Balanced

Heritage Academy provides middle and high school students a unique educational opportunity.  Academics and special passions are balanced to suit each young person’s individual goals.  As one parent stated, “Heritage Academy is different because it is a choice. Students enter with a frame of mind of choosing to learn.” Similar to many college programs, the students’ schedule consists of three 90-minute classes each semester for a total of six classes per year. This schedule, as well as the 8:1 student-teacher ratio, is designed specifically to correlate with the school’s mission statement.

Faculty, staff, students, and parents at Heritage embody the mission statement. “Teachers are accessible and willing to work with my child and make sure he has everything he needs to be successful. My child felt more confident and comfortable in the classroom, asking questions and being more assertive about his needs, and he learned to advocate for himself.  He became a confident learner, and his confidence transitioned over into his swim competitions, says Amy Corbitt, parent of two Heritage Academy graduates who now study at Rice University and John Hopkins University.  Noah Corbitt, Class of 2019 shares, Heritage Academy is a place to focus on your passion without sacrificing your academics.  He also states the learning environment and schedule encourages him to give full effort to his classwork, as well as to his sport, leaving more free time and less stress- academics and passion balanced!

Heritage begins each year with a new theme. The 2020-21 theme is “BE RESPONSIBLE!  Your future depends on it.”  Teachers see students as self-starters who are motivated and like-minded.  Students at Heritage Academy want to learn, and teachers find it possible to move at the necessary pace because learning is valued by the students.  Students’ skill proficiency and completion of pre-requisites allow them to be placed based on aptitude rather grade-level restrictions.

Many parents agree that by meeting their child’s academic and passion-related goals, their future collegiate opportunities will be enhanced. In support of these goals, Heritage’s supportive learning environment nurtures students with varied passion interests.  Heritage Academy is committed to providing a positive and transformational impact on young people’s lives. It is the school that every student deserves!