College Placement

Every high school student at Heritage Academy has access to a college advising counselor who will be there each step of the way to drive the American college search and application process.  Results show a 100% college placement rate and significant academic and athletic scholarships earned by our students. High school students receive progressive and abundant guidance for the college admissions process. For student-athletes, the college advising counselor works with each students’ training academy regarding all academic matters during consideration for college recruitment. The passion-area talents of our students heavily influence college candidacy. Our students are aware that high grades and achievement in academics are the foundation of college acceptance and scholarship eligibility at all colleges. Students are encouraged to accept their responsibility to work closely with their school counselor and their training academy to complete the necessary paperwork and standardized testing requirements in a timely fashion.

The NCAA course requirements are built into the Heritage Academy high school course offerings and required as a part of earning the Heritage Academy College Preparatory diploma. Each student’s college advising counselor is well-versed with NCAA requirements. The counselor works with students through the matriculation process to insure proper course placement.  The counselor discusses and acts as the liaison with NCAA regarding questions that arise and makes sure that all students, parents, and recruiters are made aware of the NCAA expectations and requirements.

The web-based college and career readiness program, Naviance, is overseen by the Director of Students Services. Small, ongoing grade-level advocacy meetings are scheduled monthly for all students grades 6-12 under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Naviance is used by our entire staff and faculty throughout the year. Students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to use Naviance as a vital tool­­­­ when working individually or in small groups all along the college search and acceptance process.

College campus visits are encouraged and supported with flex days of excused absences for 11th and 12th-grade students. Visits to our campus from a variety of college admissions representatives are a regular occurrence throughout the fall semester on the Heritage campus and are open for 10th -12th-grade students to attend.

College pennants on the hall at Heritage Academy