College Visits

Wheel of college pennants

Visiting a college campus is one of the most exciting steps in choosing a college. If possible, it’s best to schedule college visits before applications are due. This way, students can be confident they will be happy at any of the colleges they are applying to.

To be excused for a college visit, students must make arrangements through their school counselor, coach, parent, or prospective college. Documentation showing proof of meeting with college admission personnel/coaching staff is required upon return to school. Grade 10 students are allowed (1) day excused absence for a college visit. Grade 11 students are allowed (3) days excused absence for college visits. Grade 12 students are allowed (5) days excused absence for college visits.

College representatives on campus

Throughout the year, visiting college admissions representatives come to Heritage Academy to share their perspectives on the college admittance process and offer insight into their specific school. Interested 10th-12th grade students are encouraged to attend small, informative sessions which allow students the opportunity to learn about academics, campus life, student-athlete life, other general information, and ask questions.