Developmental Reading and Writing (DRAW)

Within our College Preparatory mainstream program, Heritage Academy provides developmental reading and writing (DRAW) classes for all students for whom it is required. These classes provide support instruction to non-native speakers in grades 6-12 advancing their skills to a level of English language proficiency. During their time in the program, students will study English language arts, science, social studies, math and art in order to progress in their overall language fluency. The goal in each of these courses is to assist all students toward progression with their reading and writing proficiency, enabling them to function with fluency, accuracy, and independently in college preparatory courses across the entire curriculum.

Placement and Credit

If a native language other than English is recorded on the application, the student is identified as a non-native English speaker. Once identified, students will be administered a standardized assessment. Based on the results of the initial screening and testing, students are assigned one or two blocks of developmental reading and writing instruction. High school students demonstrating mastery in intermediate or advanced level classes with a passing grade earn 1.0 credit toward high school graduation. High school students passing beginning level classes earn .5 credit toward high school graduation.