Fast Track Academics

If school is your passion and you would like to start college a year early, then the Heritage Academy Fast Track Academics program is for you!


The Fast Track Academics program provides students who are not enrolled in another athletic or artist training program the opportunity to focus on their high school program as their passion, thereby completing graduation requirements in three years.

Program Requirements

  • Students enrolled in the Heritage Academy for Fast Track Academics program will complete 23 credits to meet Heritage Academy graduation requirements.
  • Students will be enrolled in four classes per semester for three years and must maintain a 2.5 GPA to continue in the program. One credit for physical education must be earned through a full year, documented, personalized fitness training program.
  • Students may continue for a fourth-year enrolling in additional Honors/AP courses/Dual Enrollment or may elect to graduate upon the completion of their third year and 23 credits.