International Students

Join the Heritage Academy student body. Learn what it is like to study and train in the United States of America. We are waiting for you! Our school is located on a small, 12-mile island and just a few minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean, as well as professional tennis, golf, soccer, gymnastics, and arts training academies.

Each year Heritage Academy enrolls new students from around the globe who seek to excel in academics and athletics. The Heritage Academy school community is highly diverse with 19 countries and 9 states represented and is considered in the top 10% of most diverse schools in America. Our students are serious students, talented in academics as well as sports or the arts. Teachers give the highest priority to academics and strive to meet learning styles through small, multi-age classrooms, and personalized instruction.

The many backgrounds, educations, experiences, and customs of our international students add to the important diversity we seek in a dynamic student body. As an international student, life in the USA will be fun and rewarding. We strive to make the transition to new American customs at school, training, and your boarding residence an easy one.

“I really enjoy the diversity of the school and it also benefits me to learn more about other countries.”

Kwani Hagos

Class of 2019
A flowchart of the process to obtain an I20