Leadership Opportunities

Leadership skills are life skills. Empathy, communication, teamwork, community involvement, and innovation are just a few of the skills and competencies needed by today’s leaders. Leadership is a lifelong process that involves reflection, commitment, and taking action. For many students, developing strong leadership skills takes initiative, practice, and hard work.

Staff and faculty members embrace their responsibility to encourage and work with students to find leadership opportunities – reinforcing the importance of our students growing into effective leaders. Reminding students that developing leadership skills and competencies on and off campus are a part of the well-rounded, whole-student approach our school community embodies. Students are taught that leadership will carry forward benefiting all personal and professional relationships. Leadership is an important quality that university programs and employers desire.

Here are suggestions of ways Heritage Academy students can build their leadership abilities:

  • academic teams
  • the arts
  • athletic team captain
  • community service/volunteering
  • employment (afterschool jobs, internships, etc.)
  • peer tutoring/advising
  • publications (school newspaper, yearbook, etc.)
  • National Honor Society
  • National Junior Honor Society

“The culture at Heritage promotes student recognition and leadership skills allowing me to stand out as a leader amongst my peers. I have been the NHS co-president serving in a variety of ways in the school and on Island committees.”

Cameron Wynne

Class of 2020