Middle School

The middle school curriculum provides for sixth through eighth grade students to take only core subjects (4) including English, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Students take three 85-minute classes each semester. Language Arts and Math are taught both semesters providing double the seat-time compared to the traditional middle school. Science and Social Studies are each taught one semester.

The program has been developed to ensure content mastery in the core subjects so that there are no educational gaps upon entering high school. The program is designed meet the needs of a wide range of student abilities and prior educational programs from around the world. The curriculum in each subject area is aligned with South Carolina and National standards.

Students are placed according to skills ability rather than grade level. All students entering grades 6-8 take assessments at the beginning of each semester in reading and math to determine placement. If it is determined that a student is working significantly above or below grade level for a given content area, placement will be made to ensure student success. Developmental reading and writing (DRAW) is also available for this age-group.

Students and parents communicate with teachers and track progress daily via the school-wide portal, PowerSchool, Heritage Academy’s Student Information System. Course syllabi are posted for each course on PowerSchool and are available upon request for prospective families.

In addition to academics, students are required to train in their selected passion area for a minimum of 7 hours per week.

**Qualified students may be scheduled into advanced classes to earn high school credit.

  • Schedule

    AM Program: 7:15 to 12:01

    Three blocks of direct instruction per day in subject areas

    FALL 2019

    • Block 1: 90 minutes per day of math
    • Block 2: 90 minutes per day of social studies
    • Block 3: 90 minutes per day of language arts


    SPRING 2020

    • Block 1: 90 minutes per day of science
    • Block 2: 90 minutes of language arts
    • Block 3: 90 minutes of math


    *Course offering times may vary. 


  • Curriculum and Instruction

    • Content based on South Carolina standards in each subject area
    • Language Arts: developmental reading, spelling, vocabulary, literature study, grammar, composition, speaking, and listening
    • Math: computation and problem solving
    • Science: life science, earth science, physical science, chemistry, and scientific method
    • Social studies: geography, history, ancient cultures and government