NCAA Requirements

The solid academic expectations, the credits required, and the level of instruction
at Heritage Academy meet or exceed the NCAA Eligibility Center standards.

Student-athletes who are interested in playing collegiate athletics must work diligently both in the classroom and in their sport. Students must not only qualify athletically for recruitment onto a college or university team but must also qualify academically.

The on-campus College Adviser is well-versed with the NCAA and NAIA college athletics requirements. Both coaches and adviser are available to direct students in their college pursuit. We encourage students to learn about the organizations involved in college sports and the recruiting process, so they can prepare for a successful and enjoyable college sports experience.

More information about initial-eligibility standards for NCAA Division I, II and III, including core-course requirements and minimum scores, can be found at

NAIA information eligibility information can be located at

Heritage students stand in front of a wheel of various college pennants