Share LOVE and KINDNESS During Spirit Week

Share LOVE and KINDNESS During Spirit Week


Feb 15: Wear all red day

Red can be the color of power or the color of love … you pick.

Feb 16: All students will spread kindness with Kind bars

Write a message to others (students, parents, faculty, staff) with a kind message attached to a KIND bar.  Love will be shown by “kind”ness!

Feb 17: Love your teacher day!

Write a kind note to your teacher and deliver it this day.  You never know how much your kind note may impact your teacher.

Feb 18: Hat day … put a lid on it!

Put a lid on hate and all things evil.

Feb 19: Fun Friday!

Who said school can-t be fun while learning?  Your feet can have fun too.

Wear flip flops or slippers…Loving school when it’s fun!