Mission Statement

To have a transformational impact on the lives of students pursuing a balanced and personalized college prep education in supportive learning environments.


Heritage Academy has the sole purpose of helping educate, nurture, and guide students who have a fire in their hearts to be champions in life.


At Heritage Academy, we believe that a small, caring community of diverse, highly-trained professionals working with students creates an ideal learning environment. We respect research suggesting that students can reach full potential in analytical thinking, creative expression, and civic responsibility when the walls of the traditional classroom are extended beyond the school facility. Our students are actively engaged in learning as accomplished scholars, artists, and athletes whether in the classroom or pursuing extracurricular activities.

“There is always help and support at Heritage Academy in the small class environment; the teachers find ways to help students connect the dots between the text book and real life understanding. They care about their students and work to make sure everyone is getting what they need to learn the material and find success in each class.”

Gwen Ellenberg

Class of 2020

Heritage Academy Serves

  • Students who choose to dedicate most of their time becoming the best they can possibly be in school, in their passion area, and in life.
  • Local, national and international students in grades 6-12 from 18 countries and 10 states.
  • Students in partner programs through an alternative Synchronous Education option
  • Students who need to be academically involved in their education while away on tournament play or internships
  • Students who want to create an individualized extracurricular program plan while maximizing their time with a customized academic schedule
  • Students who aspire to attend the college of their choice
  • Students whose goal it is to complete high school graduation requirements in three years via our Fast Track High School Academics Program
  • International students who want to develop their English reading, writing and comprehension skills

Heritage Academy Offers

  • The solution to educational and extracurricular excellence
  • Four academic Programs:  College Preparatory, Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment
  • Half day school to allow for maximum training time, work study, or other priorities
  • Excused absences for competition with make up support
  • Grades 6 – 12
  • A like-minded student body
  • Course placement based on aptitude rather than only at grade level
  • Globally diverse student population
  • Small class size with an average of 8:1 student/teacher ratio
  • Block Scheduling- three 85 minute full-credit classes each semester/total six classes per year
  • 50 AP and Honors classes
  • Students with the demonstrated skills proficiency the opportunity to be placed in upper level classes
  • Developmental reading and writing classes for International students
  • Community partnerships in athletics and arts
  • Personalized college placement services
  • Community service opportunities
  • I-20 authorization