Student Life


At Heritage Academy, it is possible to pursue whatever it is that makes you BElieve in YOUrself!
A school where dreams comes true and success awaits.

Heritage Academy offers a student-centered culture where students from around the world strive for excellence in their pursuits and engage in relevant college preparatory studies to prepare for life’s possibilities. With each day filled with academics and their passion-related interest, students develop their skills of time management, organization, and securing a solid work ethic-now, as well as preparing for their future.

Success breeds success; this is the Heritage Academy difference. Students attending Heritage Academy have a plan and seek goals. The globally diverse student body of Heritage Academy is self-starting, talented, and motivated in its passions as well as in academics.  Our students are creative, passionate, inquisitive learners and doers.

We also pride ourselves in offering a variety of community and leadership opportunities that provides students with avenues to develop leadership skills. The school community promotes good character with an honor code and character accolades. Students are recognized throughout each year for humility, ethics, respect, integrity, tolerance, accountability, generosity, and effort. From peer collaboration in group-based projects within the classroom setting to encouragement in school-wide events, there are opportunities for building camaraderie. Heritage students take active roles in school leadership, as well as participate in community service events, school-wide competitions, and recreational events, such as the winter social and prom.

Strong and meaningful friendships are created due to the like-minded student body, outside of school passion-related activities, small class sizes, and low student to teacher ratios. Our students have the courage and confidence to believe in themselves.

Come join us!

Surround yourself with greatness in a positive and giving learning environment.